Here's Everything You Need To Know About Matty Healy, Now That He's Reportedly "Hanging Out" With Taylor Swift

    He confirmed that he was the inspiration for Roddy, aka the rat, in the 2006 animated classic Flushed Away.

    Matty Healy has become one of the most talked about people on the internet in less than a week.

    Closeup of Matty Healy

    Last Wednesday, the Sun reported that Taylor Swift and Matty are dating and "madly in love." And okay, call me a skeptic, but when this rumor came out, I truly did not believe it one bit.

    However, things shifted when Matty showed up in Nashville for Taylor's Eras Tour this past weekend. And while neither Taylor nor Matty have confirmed anything, fans are totally invested.

    And now this morning, Entertainment Tonight reported that they're "having a good time hanging out," and were reconnected by their mutual friend Jack Antonoff.

    Side-by-side of Matty Healy and Taylor Swift

    So, if you're not suuuper familiar with Matty, but after this weekend you can't get enough, here's everything you need to know about him:

    1. Matty was born on April 8, 1989 (the same year as Taylor), and he's an Aries.

    Closeup of Matty Healy giving the peace sign

    2. He's best known as the frontman for the English band The 1975.

    Closeup of The 1975

    3. He was originally the drummer for The 1975, but said that when he met George Daniel, the band's current drummer, it "changed [his] life."

    George Daniel and Matty Healy

    4. His mother is Denise Welch, who's best known for her roles on Coronation Street, Waterloo Road, and Hollyoaks. Matty's father is Tim Healy, who's best known for roles on Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, Benidorm, and Still Open All Hours.

    Denise Welch and Tim Healy

    5. In fact, as a teenager, Matty appears in a few episodes of Waterloo Road as an unnamed extra.

    Matty in "Waterloo Road"

    6. He's literally the inspiration for Roddy, aka the rat, from the 2006 movie Flushed Away.

    Side-by-side of Matty and Roddy

    7. After rumors swirled about a collab with Taylor, he admitted he did actually work with her on her most recent album Midnights — the songs he worked on just didn't make the cut.


    seeing the 1975 talking about taylor swift on my 22nd bday… im overwhelmed #the1975 #mattyhealy #taylorswift

    ♬ original sound - alyssa!!
    "It was for reasons that are not to be criticized," he said. "She's amazing." He also said that if she ever wanted to record an acoustic album, he'd be down to help her out.

    8. Phoebe Bridgers and Jack Antonoff are among the music geniuses who've collaborated with him and The 1975.

    Phoebe Bridgers, Jack Antonoff, and Matty Healy onstage

    9. Back in September 2022, Matty revealed that he has "zero commercial ambition" after saying no to going on tour with Ed Sheeran.

    Matty Healy onstage

    10. He has synesthesia, which is the perceptual phenomenon where one sense comes through as another. He explained that when he's writing a song, "there’s a color there."

    Matty Healy onstage

    11. Over the years, he's also been open about his addiction to heroin and benzodiazepines, and is currently in recovery. Several of the songs on The 1975's album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships are about his experiences with addiction and rehab.

    The 1975 onstage

    12. Back in 2015, and during the peak-Tumblr era, Matty was rumored to be dating Halsey after she appeared at one of their concerts. Many fans even believe that The 1975's songs "The Sound" and "She's American" are about her and their relationship.

    Side-by-side of Matty Healy and Halsey

    13. He's also been linked to FKA Twigs, and the pair dated for about two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, but broke up in early 2022. Fans also speculate that The 1975's songs "I'm in Love with You" and "When We Are Together" were written about her.

    Side-by-side of Matty Healy and FKA Twigs

    14. He had a dog named Alan, and during the pandemic, he began training a puppy named Mayhem.

    15. He's also infamous for "shitposting" on his social media accounts, which he's deleted and reactivated several times throughout the years after trying to get canceled repeatedly.

    The 1975 onstage

    16. However, onstage and off, he's extremely vocal about abortion and LGBTQ rights.

    “All that woke shit that I used to crack on about…I come from art,” he told NME. “My grandad was one of the first drag queens in the UK. I genuinely believe that a lot of the best art comes from transgressive communities like the gay community and cultures of color. If you want good art and good shit, then leave people alone, let them do their thing! Don’t be racist and don’t oppress women! I’ve not said anything revolutionary…”

    17. Matty also denounced Donald Trump when he was elected president in 2016 and admitted he cried when he heard the results of the election.

    Matty Healy onstage

    18. Matty is currently banned from Dubai, after he kissed a male fan onstage at one of his concerts in 2019.

    Closeup of The 1975

    19. And finally, Matty went viral on TikTok this past winter while on tour with The 1975 because of his unscripted autotune moments.

    "Don't like menthols," when a fan threw menthol cigarettes on the stage. Or "Someone's fallen down over there, Go and fuckin' sort 'em out. Stop standing there like a bunch of dickheads," after someone fell in the crowd.

    If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, you can call SAMHSA’s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) and find more resources here.