Disney Fans Are Divided Over This Clip Of "Prince Ali" From The Live Action "Aladdin"

    "Imagine how exciting this would be if it were animated."

    You probably know that Disney is releasing a live-action version of the animated classic Aladdin later this month, and fans have been anticipating the movie for a ~while~.

    But it hasn't been without its controversy. Like, when Entertainment Weekly revealed our first look at the main cast in character, people noticed something about Will Smith's genie.

    Namely, he uh...wasn't blue.

    *upon seeing Will Smith as Genie for the first time* #Aladdin

    (He later clarified on Instagram that he will, in fact, be blue for at least part of the movie.)

    Well, now a new clip has been released of Will Smith singing the iconic song "Prince Ali":

    Watch Will Smith perform "Prince Ali" in this new clip from #Aladdin!

    The clip is only about a minute long, but I think it's safe to say people have some very strong thoughts about it.

    The majority of complaints came from people who said the scene didn't match up to the fast-paced, super-fun tone of the original.

    how could they make prince ali so BORING :( it’s one of the best musical numbers in any disney movie https://t.co/jOXgb0ETBX

    They said it looks "boring", "lifeless", and "flat".

    This is awful. Smith's strained vocals aside, for a musical number it's lifeless. It has no bounce, no physicality. There are no ideas or gags. It's so weirdly literal. https://t.co/OxG8crQOAL

    Wow this looks really boring. Not even comparing it to the original. Comparing it to MOST choreographed musicals and movies out there, this scene is so...flat https://t.co/8ezguNg3oE

    "None of [the Disney live-action remakes] can hold a candle to the original animated ones," one Twitter user wrote.

    No.... I'm not much of a movie person, I've barely seen any, but I'm so sick of these live action Disney remakes. I refuse to see just one. None of them can hold a candle to the original animated ones. This looks just so lifeless. https://t.co/igbHR4e29A

    One person said that watching the clip made them miss Robin Williams, who voiced Genie in the animated version and died in 2014.

    They released the live action Prince Ali from Aladdin. I had low expectations but I didn't expect to get all teary eyed and spend it missing Robin Williams so much. This just reminds me of what an astounding talent Robin was. I think they should have made this a rap song instead. https://t.co/ObPKGBvfFQ

    Another said they should've got a Bollywood director to capture the flair of the original.

    They should've got A Bollywood director to get this right... It looks awfully slow. https://t.co/9iccsEEkUR

    And another simply said it looked like a commercial.

    This looks like an Expedia commercial. https://t.co/Ot5xp19b18

    Some people joked that the scene could've been more exciting and fast-paced had it been animated.

    Wow! It's like the original but way more boring and lacking in energy or exaggeration? Who would've thought that getting rid of animation would get rid of the creativity too? https://t.co/asw1ZMzWt7

    Imagine how exciting this would be if it were animated.. Oh wait https://t.co/edK1TlFD4G

    But a lot of people admitted they'll be going to see the movie anyway.

    Why...why is the new version of Prince Ali so slow. What is with Jasmine's friend. Have they awkwardly auto-tuned Will Smith? I have so many questions, and all of them will be answered when I drag a friend with me to see Aladdin. https://t.co/QtWwz9KkCw

    And said that they still can't wait to see how the scene fits in with the rest of the film.

    Maybe this segment will work better within the context of the film. Having only the cartoon as a reference point though its just a slower paced version with less visual flair and of course neither of those qualities are ideal. Cant wait. https://t.co/zQRZGhcOZz

    One person pointed out that the film obviously wouldn't be the same as the original, and that we should "give Will's Genie a chance".

    NEWS FLASH Will Smith’s Prince Ali version is not as flashy because this is a live-action, NOT a cartoon. Give Will’s Genie a chance! Geesh #May24th #Aladdin

    While another said, despite what people were saying, they thought the scene actually looked pretty good.

    My two cents on this whole Prince Ali thing

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves when the movie is released on 24 May.