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16 YouTubers Who Did More For Black Lives Matter Than Post A Black Box To Their IG Grid

Just 'cause they're young doesn't mean that they can't be on the right side of history.

1. Jackie Aina tweeted a list of black-owned beauty and skincare brands to support:

by now everyone should be able to name 5 MINIMUM black owned indie beauty brands. Besides Fenty beauty and Pat McGrath Labs (the obvious)

Jackie Aina has been fighting the good fight since the inception of her channel — she's been a proponent for black people and fighting for inclusion in the beauty community for her entire career.

2. Emma Chamberlain donated to and shared various BLM organizations to her followers:

raise the degree: https://t.co/4kEPov4eBN get all 4 officers charged: https://t.co/tADA3bvcWL justice for breonna taylor: https://t.co/d87dTWGCS5

3. David Dobrik attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Santa Monica and also donated $50,000:

This is especially moving since David is a DACA recipient and had more to risk than most white people in attendance.

4. Logan Paul implored white people to "use their privilege" to help advance the movement, while acknowledging his own ignorance and promised to get educated:

I'm not the HUGEST fan of Logan Paul — or, any kind of fan, really — but he acknowledged his fuckups in this video and also recognized that his whiteness is the reason why he's able to get away with "the hooligan shit he does in [his] vlogs." Hoolingan shit including, but not limited to: posting a video of a dead body to his channel and overall dipshit debauchery. He's got a LONG way to go, but I'm not going to condemn him for taking his first step in the right direction.

5. Alissa Ashley attended BLM protests and encouraged her followers who can't attend to either donate, sign petitions, and/or educate themselves:

6. James Charles has been using his IG stories to highlight black MUAs to follow.

7. PatrickStarrr used his thousands of Sephora points — which can be exchanged for beauty products — to donate to various BLM organizations:

8. Liza Koshy has provided resources and tools in her IG stories for non-black followers to education themselves and donate:

9. Gabbie Hanna delivered a passionate speech about her white privilege and how it's time for her and her fellow whites to "stop protecting [their] egos, and start protecting the people of color in this country":

10. Safiya Nygaard donated to various BLM organizations and provided resources and links to her followers on her IG:

11. Mai Pham shared this resource to easily email the Minneapolis Police Department to arrest the officers involved in George Floyd's death and has also donated to the cause:

12. Jaclyn Hill shared a list of black-owned businesses in Tampa, Florida, that her followers can support:

13. Lilly Singh encouraged her followers to have the "difficult" and "uncomfortable" conversations:

14. MakeupShayla signed and promoted the 15percentpledge:

15. MannyMUA donated — and asked those who could to also donate — to the Gianna Floyd Fund:

16. And, Nyma Tang provided links to black mental health resources and professionals for those who need it: