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    18 Tweet Reactions To Justin Timberlake's Poor Excuse For An Apology

    "LOL, Justin Timberlake, take yourTrolls song money and cry me a river."

    Last weekend, Framing Britney Spears came out on Hulu and people took two things from it: #FreeBritney and #ScrewJustin.

    In response to the backlash he received from the doc — which reminded people when he wrong Janet Jackson after Nipplegate — Justin Timberlake posted a notes-app apology to Brit and Janet:

    Needless to say, everyone was unimpressed with his overdue apology and felt the need to make jokes about it:

    Here are some of the funniest responses:


    Twitter: @ringer


    The intern for Justin Timberlake’s publicist that wrote his apology to Britney and Janet:

    Twitter: @britmebaby


    Britney & Janet hearing that Justin Timberlake posted an apology for them

    Twitter: @fcknjaaay


    once again, justin timberlake is only relevant when he's talking about britney spears and janet jackson 😴

    Twitter: @AshleyAlese


    lol, justin timberlake take your trolls song money and cry me a river

    Twitter: @alex_abads


    janet jackson and britney spears when they hear justin timberlake apologized


    Twitter: @keatonkildebell


    Y’all really bullied Justin Timberlake into apologizing to Britney and Janet omg. Bullying works!!!

    Twitter: @tinnkky


    Justin Timberlake publicly apologizing to Britney Spears in 2021......

    Twitter: @spearsweetie


    justin timberlake about to be on the red table talk djdjdj

    Twitter: @blackpowerpufff


    justin timberlake better apologize for this next

    Twitter: @brutalistboy


    i like the part where justin timberlake said "i have to be vocal about this" in his single notes app apology in two decades

    Twitter: @jillboard


    I can’t believe Justin Timberlake apologized to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson through the notes app.

    Twitter: @CastielMerteuil


    Even if Britney Spears herself showed up to my doorstep wearing the original Oops I Did It Again catsuit begging me to forgive Justin Timberlake I’d tell her to mind her business

    Twitter: @codyspearz


    almost 20 years later and that’s the best justin timberlake can come up with?

    Twitter: @coledelbyck


    Justin Timberlake thinks a short notes app apology is accountability for the pain he caused Britney and Janet......the audacity of men😭😭

    Twitter: @onlychloexhalle


    At some point Justin Timberlake also needs to apologize for this wedding photo

    Twitter: @ecareyo


    Janet and Britney fandoms after reading Justin’s apology

    Twitter: @SaintHoax