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Nov 14, 2018

Serena Williams Is GQ's Woman Of The Year, And I STAN

Woman Of The Year? More like Woman Of the Decade!

Yesterday, GQ announced their men (and woman) of the year, which included Michael B. Jordan, Jonah Hill, Henry Golding...

Announcing GQ's Men (and Woman) of the Year 2018: @michaelb4jordan, @henrygolding, @jonahhill, and @serenawilliams (featuring handwriting by @virgilabloh) #GQMOTY


...and literal tennis queen herself, Serena Jameka Williams.

Some people were just not here for the fact that, on the cover, "Woman" is in quotation marks.

Um, why is Serena Williams referred to as a woman in quotes on this cover? @GQMagazine?

in the context of serena williams, a person who has been mocked for her appearance and deliberately misgendered for years... this aint it, virgil.

However, the quotation marks are part of Virgil Abloh's style and aesthetic. They can be seen on his groundbreaking collaboration with Nike and the suits that he designed for Serena Williams herself!

Complex / Via, Julian Finney / Getty Images

Virgil Abloh is the Artistic Director of Louis Vitton as well as the founder and creator of the fashion brand, Off-White.

Despite the controversy behind the "title," can we all just agree not ONLY does she deserve this award, BUT ALL THE AWARDS???!!

Julian Finney / Getty Images

It's not news to anyone that Serena has had a hard-ass year. BUT no matter what was thrown her way, she overcame every obstacle in her path.

For one, she was unjustly banned from wearing her sleek-and-stylish catsuit after the French Open. Her response? She came out the cut in dope-ass TUTUS for the US Open!

Thomas Samson / AFP / Getty Images, Julian Finney / Getty Images

Or when she was defeated by Naomi Osaka in the US Open Final and supported the young tennis star while wielding her runner-up trophy loud and proud!

Julian Finney / Getty Images, Elsa / Getty Images

Such beauty, such grace.

YET, despite these hardships that she's overcome, she's also done some baller-ass things this year...

LIKE starring in the HBO docu-series, Being Serena, which premiered this past May, giving us stans the mere PRIVILEGE of getting a closer look into her life.


SPEAKING of motherhood, she also graced the cover of Vogue back in February, with newly born Alexis Jr. in tow.


Fun fact, Alexis Jr., at only a wee four months, became the youngest ever cover star in the history of Vogue. WHAT A POWER DUO!!

All in all, GOAT doesn't even come close to describing Queen Serena. She's a phenomenal human being and we should be celebrating the fact that she's our WOMAN OF THE YEAR.

So, congrats Ms. Williams. You're an inspiration to us all, and, IMHO, the Woman of the DECADE! #BLACKGIRLMAGIC

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