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    Ruby Rose Read Your Thirst Tweets And Now She's Afraid To Return To Twitter

    "Mom, if you're watching this...unwatch, stop."

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    This dashing young lass is none other than Ruby Rose, who you may recognize from Orange Is the New Black, Batwoman, or her latest project, The Doorman:

    As well as being an actress, Ruby is also the giver of gifts. The gift in question? A compilation of Ruby Rose thirst tweets read by the woman herself. You're welcome.


    So, sit back and enjoy:

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    The more, ahem, explicit tweets left Ruby a little wary to return to the app...

    Ruby Rose with her hand in front of her face.
    BuzzFeed Celeb

    ...but the plus side is that she confirmed that she does love a good snuggle!

    BuzzFeed Celeb

    Now, I can't promise you a cuddle sesh with R. Rose, but I can promise that you can see more of her in The Doorman, available now on VOD.

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