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    13 Tweets In Support Of Kristen Stewart After Her "Spencer" Performance Was Snubbed By SAG

    K. Stew didn't eat a pearl necklace just to be snubbed! like! this!

    Two months ago, I watched a film that truly rocked me to my core. The film was Spencer, the star was Kristen Stewart, and the feelings were FELT!

    The film — which followed Princess Diana during an imagined Christmas weekend with the Royal Family — was a haunting deep dive into the beloved royal's deteriorating mental health in response to societal pressures and her crumbling marriage.

    Needless to say, a LOT of people thought it was going to be Kristen Stewart's year to win all of the awards! I mean, she's already won over a dozen...

    Twitter: @letterboxd

    ...and yet, when the Screen Actors Guild announced their list of nominees, Kristen Stewart's name was missing:

    These leading ladies sparkled on screen this year... ✨ Here are your nominees for Female Actor in a Leading Role: @jes_chastain, #oliviacolman, @ladygaga, @iamjhud, #NicoleKidman #sagawards2022

    Searchlight Pictures/ Netflix/Universal Pictures/ Amazon Prime/Twitter: @SAGawards

    *Me refreshing Twitter to look for SAG's tweet announcing their mistake*

    Kris Jenner looking at her desktop

    *Me when I realize they don't think they made a mistake*

    The only silver lining is that I am not the only one outraged!

    this is the most offensive thing to happen to kristen stewart since jacob nicknamed her baby after the loch ness monster

    Twitter: @EhisOsifo

    The entire internet it outraged! So, here are some of the best tweets in support of Kristen Stewart:

    Nothing but respect for MY SAG winner for Female Actor in a Leading Role! 


    #SAGAwards nominations: We didn't think Kristen Stewart in "Spencer" was one of the best performances of the year. Kristen Stewart:

    NEON / Twitter: @MrErnestOwens


    Now gonna do what the #SAGAwards failed to do this morning… it’s Kristen Stewart in #Spencer appreciation time!

    NEON / Twitter: @Lulamaybelle


    Kristen Stewart didn't miss the SAG, the SAG missed Kristen Stewart.

    Twitter: @sam_onthemoon


    no SAG Awards nomination for Kristen Stewart in Spencer is my villain origin story

    Twitter: @KatieMinard


    kristen stewart didn’t eat a pearl necklace to be robbed like this

    Amazon Prime / Twitter: @julia_skrabak


    If you want to find me, I will be yelling about the Kristen Stewart SAG snub for approximately the next week. Maybe longer.

    Twitter: @ShannonOConnor0


    Kristen Stewart got robbed and the pile of awards she's received already for her starring role in "Spencer" all agree with me. #SAGAwards

    Twitter: @LaurenBaratzL


    four nominees from biopics and none of them kristen stewart

    FOX /  Twitter: @janusfilmtote


    hollywood does not deserve kristen stewart.

    Getty Images / Twitter: @ConverseStew


    I’m sorry but Kristen Stewart not getting a SAG nom is a crime

    Twitter: @OliviaLilyMarks


    The fact that Kristen Stewart was snubbed from SAG Award nominations blows my mind

    FOX / Twitter: @JoshRomOnAir


    The Sag Snubbing Kristen Stewart is a joke, she gave one of the best performance of the year. It was nuanced, layered and full of respect and if they can't see that it's their loss.

    NEON / Twitter: @modytalkmovies

    13. In conclusion:

    NEON / Twitter: @modytalkmovies

    BRB, currently omw to SAG headquarters to ask them what the hell is going on: