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    MGK And Megan Fox's Couple Interview Is Currently The Most Chaotic Thing On The Internet

    Today I learned that MGK looks like a meerkat.

    Regardless of how you feel about them, you cannot deny that Colson "Machine Gun Kelly" Baker and Megan Fox are the IT couple at the moment.

    Whether you want them to or not, MGK and MFx are here to stay:

    everything i’ve learned about megan fox and machine gun kelly has been against my will

    Twitter: @caseyaonso

    Listen, are they headass at times? Yes. Am I 100% obsessed with everything they do? Also yes.

    Earlier today, GQ released the latest video in their "Couple Quiz" series starring, you guessed it, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, and it's one degree shy of pure chaos:

    View this video on YouTube

    So, in case you have a morbid obsession with these two (like me) but don't wanna watch the video (unlike me, who's seen it three times now), please enjoy my breakdown of the wildest tidbits from their interview:

    Seven seconds in and we already have a winner:

    Megan Fox says that she told MGK that he smells like weed the first time they met to which he replied at the time "I am weed"

    These two are no strangers to tattoos, but it's INTERESTING that in the short time they've known one another, they have a) a matching tattoo, b) a tattoo they gave one another, and c) tattoos of each other's nicknames/initials:

    Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly sitting across from each other for an interview


    Megan Fox said Be Abducted by a UFO

    OK, their couple handshake is so precious:

    Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly doing their handshake

    *Speechless x2*

    Machine Gun Kelly says "Our first date, we breathed each other"

    This is MGK's fave picture of Megan, which, if you know anything about his foot fetish, says a lot:

    Megan Fox is seen jumping on a mini trampoline during filming "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

    The list of nicknames Megan has for MGK includes, but are not limited to: Buddha, Lamby, Cookie, and Blonde Angel Baby:

    Megan Fox with the caption Buddha

    Megan CONFIRMED that MGK loves the Nicole Kidman Cinematic Universe™:

    Megan saying that MGK looks like a meerkat is the best present she's ever given me:

    *Speechless x3*

    Machine Gun Kelly with his mouth open with the caption "the face of a very surprised piscean man with gemini tendencies"

    And that was that! I hope you enjoyed this journey — and, if you're so inclined, you can watch GQ's full interview with Megan and Colson to TRULY grasp the full experience.