Lukas Gage Read And Blushed At Your Thirstiest Tweets

    "Who gave Lukas Gage the right to be THAT hot?" My mother, Paulina.

    This Gemini king is none other than Lukas Gage:

    His credits include The White Lotus, Euphoria, (my personal fave) T@gged, and, most recently, Angelyne, which premieres on Peacock TODAY!

    So, to celebrate the premiere, we had Lukas read and react to the internet's thirstiest tweets about him.

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    I won't give MUCH away, but a lot of the tweets were about a certain body part of Lukas' that recently got a lot of air time...

    Lukas Gage in "The White Lotus"

    Be sure to catch Lukas and the rest of the cast in Angelyne, now streaming on Peacock!

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