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    Jimmy Fallon Posted This Precious Pic Of His Fam, And Justin Timberlake Posted An Even More Precious Comment

    Justin @ Jimmy: "I love us."

    Jimmy Fallon is one of the many celebs to participate in the "how it started --> how it's going" challenge on social media. His contribution is nothing short of adorable:

    Side-by-side images of a young Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Fallon present day with his family and dog.
    @jimmyfallon / Via

    Now, before I get into the cuteness of it all, I must remind you that Jimmy Fallon has a legendary friendship with Justin Timberlake that spans over the course of many years:

    Now, if you look closely at Jimmy's cup, you can see that he's using the most recent JT/JF pic-ception mug.

    A closeup of Jimmy Fallon holding a mug of Justin Timberlake's face.
    @jimmyfallon / Via

    And I wasn't the only one who noticed! While celebrities were commenting on how cute Jimmy's family is...

    @jimmyfallon / Via

    ...Justin had his eyes on the prize!

    @jimmyfallon / Via

    "Look at the 5 of us."

    Not only do we love to see it, we have no other choice but to stan!


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