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    19 Outfits From '90s Movies That Are Still Totally Bangin' In 2020

    Basically...the entire cast of Clueless.

    1. Cher Horowitz's and Dionne Davenport's iconic plaid ensembles from Clueless:

    2. Dionne's floral crop top and matching hair ribbons from Clueless:

    3. Cher's sheer overshirt and periwinkle vest from Clueless:

    4. Bianca Stratford's hot-pink prom coord from 10 Things I Hate About You:

    5. Chastity Church's biblical tank top from 10 Things I Hate About You:

    6. Laney Boggs' red dress from She's All That:

    7. Chandler's multicolored matching crop top and pant from She's All That:

    8. Juliet's angel costume from Romeo + Juliet:

    9. Corey Mason's plaid-mini and cropped-sweater 'fit from Empire Records:

    10. Nicole Maris's extremely cute — also extremely inappropriate — red halter from Drive Me Crazy:

    11. Sarah's, Nancy's, Bonnie's, and Rochelle's edgy schoolgirl looks from The Craft:

    12. Courtney's, Julie's, and Foxy's hallway outfits from Jawbreaker:

    13. Kathryn Merteuil's saucy...lingerie dress (??) from Cruel Intentions:

    14. Casey Becker's chunky cream sweater from Scream:

    15. Roberta Martin's colorful SSBD from Now and Then:

    16. Buffy Summers' neon workout ensemble from Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    17. Scary's, Baby's, Ginger's, Posh's, and Sporty Spice's #OnBrand outfits from Spice World:

    18. Alexia Wheaton's white crop top and matching lilac miniskirt from Wish Upon a Star:

    19. Finally, Megan Bloomfield's and Graham Eaton's electric purple nighties from But I'm a Cheerleader: