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    17 TV Pilots That Got People Hooked On The Entire Series

    If you didn't continue watching Mr. Robot after the pilot then we cannot be friends.

    Recently, u/fredyouareaturtle asked the members of "which TV series grabbed you in the first episode?" Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "Pilot," Psych

    Gus and Shawn working a case for the SBPD
    USA Network

    What it's about: Shawn calls in a tip to the Santa Barbara Police Department, but instead of being seen as a good Samaritan, they think that he's the suspect. In order to stay out of jail, Shawn tells the SBPD that he's psychic — when, in actuality, he's hyper-vigilant with a photographic memory — and this land this lead them to hiring him and his not-so-willing Gus, to help out on the case.

    Where you can watch: Peacock

    Suggested by Ratchel1916

    2. "Pilot, Part 1," Lost

    Jack laying on the ground after his plane crashed

    What it's about: When Flight 815 crashes almost 1,000 miles off the course of its original flight path, Jack, Kate, Charlie, and the rest of the survivors try to figure out how to get rescued while also figuring out how to stay alive after a "monster" kills their pilot.

    Where you can watch: Amazon Prime and Hulu

    Suggested by richmichaels

    3. "Natural Selection," Orphan Black

    Sarah meeting Beth before she commits suicide
    BBC America

    What it's about: When Sarah Manning — a petty criminal — assumes the life of Beth Childs — after she witnesses her commit suicide — she soon comes to realize that Beth isn't the only Sarah-doppelgänger in existence.

    Where you can watch: Amazon Prime

    Suggested by richmichaels

    4. "1:23:45," Chernobyl

    Anatoly Dyatlov sitting in the think tank

    What it's about: Moments before he commits suicide, scientist Valery Legasov records his accounts of what really happened at Chernobyl and how a lot more people are to blame for the horrific events that took place there.

    Where you can watch: HBO Max

    Suggested by just_the_mann

    5. "Boardwalk Empire," Boardwalk Empire

    Nucky Thompson delivering a speech to the city council

    What it's about: At the height of the Prohibition, Nucky Thompson — the treasurer of Atlantic Country — devises a plan to bootleg liquor alongside Arnold "the Brain" Rothstein and Charlie "Lucky" Luciano.

    Where you can watch: HBO Max

    Suggested by ventnorphan

    6. "Pilot,"Ted Lasso

    Ted Lasso touching the grass on the football field

    What it's about: After an ugly divorce, Rebecca hires Ted Lasso — an American football coach — to coach her UK football team. Unbeknownst to Ted, he was hired on purpose, because as the owner of this new team, Rebecca wants them to fail since it was the one thing her husband loved. HOWEVER, the joke's on her, because Ted is a lot more capable of a coach than he seems.

    Where you can watch: Apple+

    Suggested by pittman1375

    7. "," Mr. Robot

    Elliot sitting on a therapy couch
    USA Network

    What it's about: Elliot works in cyber security, and after discovering a hack on his client's server, he joins a hacktivist group called Fsociety to take down E Corp — the aforementioned client — and hack their database to erase all debt.

    Where you can watch: Amazon Prime

    Suggested by RandallFlagg217

    8. "Pilot," Shameless (US)

    Fiona and Steve chatting in the kitchen

    What it's about: After he fails at saving her stolen purse, Fiona hooks up with Steve, who happens to be a car thief. Fiona's brother Lip is doing his best to find out if their younger brother Ian is gay. All the while, their father Frank is somehow both absent and everywhere.

    Where can you watch: Netflix and Showtime

    Suggested by RedwoodDreamer

    9. "Pilot," The West Wing

    Pres. Bartlett entering the Oval Office

    What it's about: The senior staff is called back to the White House after POTUS gets injured during a bike accident, all the while, several of them are dealing with personal and professional problems: Josh Lyman, the chief of staff, makes a glib comment about a religious group that doesn't go over well, and Sam Seaborn, the deputy director of communications, accidentally sleeps with a prostitute.

    Where you can watch: HBO Max

    Suggested by LightsaberBraces

    10. "Pilot," Six Feet Under

    Nate looking annoyed at a mortician tech

    What it's about: After the sudden death of their patriarch Nathaniel the Fisher family has to come together and take over the family business, which is a funeral home.

    Where you can watch: HBO Max

    Suggested by pad1007

    11. "Everybody Lies," House M.D.

    Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy ridding up in the elevator together

    What it's about: After a kindergarten teacher has a seizure and collapses, she's brought to Princeton-Plainsboro, where Dr. House and his team of talented diagnosticians — a team he didn't personally hire — use their arsenal of methods to diagnose her before she dies.

    Where you can watch: Peacock, Amazon Prime, and Apple+

    Suggested by beesknees1776

    12. "The Name of the Game," The Boys

    Hughie in the aftermath of his girlfriend's murder
    Amazon Prime

    What it's about: After his girlfriend is killed when A-Train — a super-fast superhero — runs though her, Hughie is approached by Billy Butcher, the leader of The Boys, a vigilante group whose main mission is to take down The Seven, a group of revered superheroes who are actually awful.

    Where you can watch: Amazon Prime

    Suggested by RisingQueenx

    13. "Pilot," Veronica Mars

    Veronica glaring at the 09ers table during lunch

    What it's about: Social outcast Veronica Mars is determined to find out what really happened to her best friend, Lilly Kane, who was brutally murdered in her own home. PLUS why her boyfriend, Duncan Kane, dumped her out of the blue. PLUS why her mother — who abandoned her and her dad a year prior is meeting with Jake Kane, aka the father of her ex-boyfriend and dead best friend. ALL WHILE juggling high school with her amateur private detective business.

    Where you can watch: Hulu

    Suggested by aussiekiwiguy

    14. "Mole Hunt," Archer

    Mallory watching Archer during his torture simulation

    What it's about: The charming, yet belligerent, international spy Archer has been spending company funds for personal gain. So because he's him, he breaks into the company mainframe to frame someone else for his reckless spending.

    Where you can watch: Hulu

    Suggested by baconpoutine89

    15. "Nice Face," Killing Eve

    Villanelle knocking ice scream into a little girl's lap

    What it's about: Villanelle is a prolific assassin who's left a trail of murders in her wake. After Eve catches a whiff of her trail, she goes to question a witness, but when that witness — and everyone else around them — is murdered, Eve gets fired. Luckily for her, the Russian division of MI5 hires her to track down Villanelle.

    Where you can watch: Hulu

    Suggested by blazerfan_fml

    16. "Apéritif," Hannibal

    Will looking over a file at a crime scene

    What it's about: Will Graham has a keen ability to empathize with serial killers and get into their minds to re-create their crime scenes, so he's hired by the FBI to help track down a brutal serial killer. To cope with his plagued thoughts, he sees psychiatrist Hannibal Lector, who is the serial killer that they're looking for.

    Where you can watch: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

    Suggested by ct_100

    17. And, "Pilot," Arrested Development

    Michael posing with his family
    Fox / Netflix

    What it's about: After George Sr. is arrested by the SEC, Michael has to move back in with his family and help them through the ordeal. Also, his son, George Michael, develops a crush on his cousin, Maeby.

    Where you can watch: Netflix

    Suggested by Psyche-Mary-Wait

    What are some of your favorite TV pilots? Let us know in the comments below!