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    17 TV Pilots That Got People Hooked On The Entire Series

    If you didn't continue watching Mr. Robot after the pilot then we cannot be friends.

    Recently, u/fredyouareaturtle asked the members of "which TV series grabbed you in the first episode?" Here are some of the best responses:

    1. "Pilot," Psych

    Gus and Shawn working a case for the SBPD

    2. "Pilot, Part 1," Lost

    Jack laying on the ground after his plane crashed

    3. "Natural Selection," Orphan Black

    Sarah meeting Beth before she commits suicide

    4. "1:23:45," Chernobyl

    Anatoly Dyatlov sitting in the think tank

    5. "Boardwalk Empire," Boardwalk Empire

    Nucky Thompson delivering a speech to the city council

    6. "Pilot,"Ted Lasso

    Ted Lasso touching the grass on the football field

    7. "," Mr. Robot

    Elliot sitting on a therapy couch

    8. "Pilot," Shameless (US)

    Fiona and Steve chatting in the kitchen

    9. "Pilot," The West Wing

    Pres. Bartlett entering the Oval Office

    10. "Pilot," Six Feet Under

    Nate looking annoyed at a mortician tech

    11. "Everybody Lies," House M.D.

    Dr. House and Dr. Cuddy ridding up in the elevator together

    12. "The Name of the Game," The Boys

    Hughie in the aftermath of his girlfriend's murder

    13. "Pilot," Veronica Mars

    Veronica glaring at the 09ers table during lunch

    14. "Mole Hunt," Archer

    Mallory watching Archer during his torture simulation

    15. "Nice Face," Killing Eve

    Villanelle knocking ice scream into a little girl's lap

    16. "Apéritif," Hannibal

    Will looking over a file at a crime scene

    17. And, "Pilot," Arrested Development

    Michael posing with his family

    What are some of your favorite TV pilots? Let us know in the comments below!