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    Allison Williams Got Real About Being Called "Eye Candy" On The Set Of "Boardwalk Empire"

    Allison discussed the comments during a recent appearance at a film festival.

    You know Allison Williams from, among other things, the classic HBO show, Girls.

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    You might not know, however, that in her early days of acting, Allison had a brief appearance in another HBO show, Boardwalk Empire — and it doesn't sound like her experience on set was too great.

    During a recent appearance on a "Women Behind the Words" panel at the Nantucket Film Festival (via IndieWire), Allison got real about what a crew member said to her as well as how it reflects general attitudes towards female-identifying people in Hollywood.

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    Allison said that she was a stand-in for the show's pilot and that being part of it was "the coolest experience ever." " An amazing pilot," she said. "It was shot on film. It was incredible.”

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    However, Allison then recalled an experience she had while she was at craft services on set. "A member of the crew came up and said, ‘So what do you do here? You’re the on-set eye candy?’”

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    Allison then went on to say that experiences like that have been quite common for her while working in Hollywood. “That’s an example of, I’m at work and that’s what someone says to me,” she said, before recounting another inappropriate remark someone made to her on a separate set.

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    "[A]n actor I later worked with...watched me eat a pastry and said, ‘Don’t you want to be successful?’ You know, those kinds of comments come up inevitably.”

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    “Look how un-shocked you both are," she said to the other panel members after recalling these anecdotes. "That familiar, fuzzy feeling."

    "We’ve all heard it."

    You can read more about Allison's comments here.