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Here's A Visual History Of Kim Kardashian West's Halloween Costumes

IDK how she does it.

As you know, Kim Kardashian West kills it every year for Halloween. So here's a visual history of KKW's costumes — well, the ones I have access to:

2019: Elle Woods

2018: Pamela Anderson

2018: Victoria's Secret Angel

2017: Aaliyah

2017: Madonna

2017: Cher

Neilson Barnard

2017: Selena

2016: Anna Wintour

2015: At the 2013 Met Gala

2014: A skeleton

2012: A mermaid

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

2012: Catwoman

John Parra / WireImage

2011: Poison ivy

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

2010: A leopard

2010: Little Red Riding Hood

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

2008: A flapper

Mark Sullivan / WireImage

2008: Wonder Woman

Jesse Grant / WireImage

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