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Kim Kardashian West Won Halloween This Year With Her Elle Woods From "Legally Blonde" Costume

She bent AND snapped!

Y'all. The queen has spoken — aka, Kim Kardashian West finally unveiled her Halloween costume this year.


Kim is none other than Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

In case you're one of the three people who forgot, Kim K announced a few months ago that she was studying to become a lawyer.

Many people were quick to comment:

kim k studying to be a lawyer is the best live action remake of legally blonde i’ve ever heard of

A lot of these jokes about Kim Kardashian becoming a lawyer are just revealing that you don't think a woman with a public sexual identity can be smart or care about justice. Do we need a 'Legally Blonde' remake already?

It's quite clear that Kim K took those Elle W comments to heart and OWNED it, to boot!

Kim went ABOVE AND BEYOND by re-creating Elle Woods' infamous Harvard admission video SHOT. FOR. SHOT!

Like, I'm not kidding.




Hats off to KKW!

Basically, this is everyone else's costumes compared with Kim's:


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