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25 Things From 2015 You Probably Already Forgot About

Take a stroll down short-term memory lane.

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Pretty sure you already forgot about...

1. How you were jealous of people who have an Apple Watch.

2. When Madonna kissed Drake at Coachella...

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

...and Drake said he didn't mind. / Via

Why did this happen?

3. Madonna's grill.

Robyn Beck / Getty Images

Also why did this happen?

4. The Dress.

5. When your aunt shared Lenny Kravitz's penis on Facebook. [NSFW NSFW!!!]

(*Borat voice*) Verrry nice.

6. When everyone was talking about Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift.


And everyone bro suddenly admitting they like Taylor Swift.

7. Whatever you said you'd be for Halloween earlier in the year.

Twitter: @rjhugs


8. The entire Super Bowl...

Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

9. ...and this legitimately amazing selfie these two kids took with Kanye West.

Kanye West does not appreciate your Super Bowl selfies with him


10. "Pretty Girls"


RIP Iggy Azalea.

11. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green breaking up.

Getty Images

Also RIP them.

12. How fucking crazy winter was.

13. When Canada was colder than Mars.

14. Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Academy Awards in his underwear.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

15. The #LipChallenge.



16. Asking people if you should see Birdman.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

17. Trying to decide if season 3 of Orange Is the New Black was good or not.


18. People getting all mad about True Detective.

19. Just about anything from season 3 of House of Cards.


20. The fact that a Jem and the Holograms movie exists.

21. The Entourage movie.

22. The fact that they made ANOTHER Sharknado movie.


23. The last episodes of Glee and Two And a Half Men.

Fox / CBS

24. Netflix raising its price from $8.99 to $9.99 a month.


25. And Rita Ora.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images


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