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    29 Absolutely Iconic Quotes Every Single Millennial Thought Was Hilarious A Decade Ago

    Borat voice: "Very nice!"

    1. Remember when "Your mom goes to college!" was just the perfect comeback to everything?

    2. Or, alternatively, if you liked something, you could say, "Very nice!"

    3. "IDK, my BFF Jill?" was a classic retort to a parent.

    4. And "Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy?" worked as a retort to any person of your choice.

    5. Whereas "Shun the non-believer!" was not applicable in any circumstance, but we still quoted it anyway.

    6. Same with "Charlie bit me!"

    7. Ah, the classic "Why are you so obsessed with me?"


    9. And "What is this mysterious ticking noise?"

    10. One would need only say the word "Shoes," and you would sing the song.

    11. Whereas you didn't need any prompting to sing "Hide yo kids..."

    12. Remember "I like rusty spoons"?

    13. And "Pork chop sandwiches!"

    14. What about the classic "Oh my god, Becky..."?

    15. And "I like turtles."

    16. I feel like we all forgot about "winning."

    17. And "How dare you, she's a nice lady!"

    18. Remember when the word "Friday..." could literally trigger the song each and every Friday of the year?

    19. Not so much a phrase, but...remember when "McLovin" was peak comedy?

    20. As well as the quote "What is this? A center for ants?"

    21. I hate to bring this up, but...remember when we all quoted "Imma let you finish..."?

    22. And sang the "If I was your girlfriend..." song?

    23. As well as the "Got any grapes?" song?

    24. I remember screaming "Do the Helen Keller..." at middle school dances.

    25. As well as the words to "Chocolate rain."

    26. What about "Trololololo..."?

    27. Or "Boom goes the dynamite"?

    28. If I heard "Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way" today, I would simply be immediately transported to the mid-'00s.

    29. And finally, I wonder how the guy from "Hello, it's me, your cousin Oskaar from Iceland!" is doing.