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22 Reasons Everyone Should Love "Galaxy Quest"

If you don't love this movie, sorry, but you're wrong. It has everything: Tim Allen with a mullet, Alan Rickman in an alien skullcap, and Sigourney Weaver with Farrah Fawcett hair.

1. Galaxy Quest is half science-fiction parody, half meta documentary.

2. It had the most amazing cast, including:

• Sigourney "Get Away From Her You Bitch" Weaver as Gwen DeMarco as Lt. Tawny Madison (Uhura/Chapel/Token Female).

• Tim "The Toolman Santa" Allen as Jason Nesmith as Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggart (Kirk).

• Alan "Always" Rickman as Alexander Dane as Dr. Lazarus of Tev'Meck (Spock).

• Tony "OCD Should Be CDO" Shalhoub as Fred Kwan as Tech Sgt. Chen (Scotty).

• Sam "President Of The Galaxy" Rockwell as Guy Fleegman as a redshirt.

• Daryl "He Looks Familiar IMDB Him" Mitchell as Tommy Webber as Lt. Laredo (Sulu/Wesley Crusher).

3. Also, it had Rainn Wilson as an alien fanboy.

4. It totally had a space opera plot, where the washed up actors are called upon to save an alien race.


6. Galaxy Quest also had an adorable alien race.

7. Then reminded you appearances are deceiving.

8. It had flawlessly choreographed fight scenes.

9. And this epic cross-species romance sub-plot.

10. It even created a TV Trope.

11. It wasn't afraid to show what fallen actors really think about being pigeon-holed into one role for all eternity by fans.

12. And it acknowledged the fans knew more than the actors, letting them help save the day.

13. There was an uplifting, quotable catchphrase.

14. And a corny, melodramatic one too. Something for everyone!

15. It wasn't afraid to take shots at the source material.

16. Lots of them.

17. Including a nod to the art of Kirk-Fu.

18. It had the traditional science-fiction room of death.

19. And Sigourney Weaver called it the fuck out.

20. If you can watch this opening sequence without wishing Tim Allen's mullet captained the Enterprise, you're a liar.

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21. Even the Star Trek actors acknowledge its superiority.

22. In short, Galaxy Quest rules!