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10 Gifs To Help Take Your Sassiness To A Whole New Level

Study these professional sassers and then go home and practice mirroring them. Everyone knows that sass has become just a normal part of our day to day interaction with each other, so use these 10 examples to make sure you can successfully sass back in any situation.

dmulf • 4 years ago

14 Reasons Why You Should Be Obsessed With Avocados (If You're Not Already)

Avocados are becoming one of the major so-called "super foods" in today's increasingly health crazed society, as they should be. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate the fruit into your daily life, and the benefits that it can provide.

dmulf • 4 years ago

Whenever Your Professor Assigns A Group Project

We all know it's the worst-the dreaded group project. And every time it seems to be the same, YOU are the one that ends up doing all the work, while you deal with the rest of your group members' incompetence.

dmulf • 4 years ago