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    14 Reasons Why You Should Be Obsessed With Avocados (If You're Not Already)

    Avocados are becoming one of the major so-called "super foods" in today's increasingly health crazed society, as they should be. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate the fruit into your daily life, and the benefits that it can provide.

    1. Besides its delicious form as guacamole that we all know too well.

    2. Avocados are also a healthy source of good fats.

    3. Some studies have even shown that, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, avocados act as a natural anti-inflammatory, protect against liver damage, and aid in removing toxins.

    4. Some people even use it on their face.

    5. Or even their hair!

    6. But my own personal favorite thing about avocados is that they can be eaten for not only breakfast.

    7. But also Lunch.

    8. And dinner!


    9. They also make delicious shakes!

    10. Or whatever these people made out of them.

    11. Oh lord, this too. Yummm.

    12. Because they taste good AND are healthy, you can eat your feelings away.

    13. And not feel guilty about it afterwards.

    14. Plus, this adorable hedgehog loves them.

    But, if all this still isn't enough to convince you to make avocados a part of your daily life...

    Then you may as well have no soul.