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10 Gifs To Help Take Your Sassiness To A Whole New Level

Study these professional sassers and then go home and practice mirroring them. Everyone knows that sass has become just a normal part of our day to day interaction with each other, so use these 10 examples to make sure you can successfully sass back in any situation.

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1. Step one is knowing that you are basically royalty and are better than everyone else, and that you should be treated as such.


2. Just like T-Swift here, sunglasses are a must if you desire to be a sass queen.

They should preferably be dark and big.

3. This one is a bit more technical, but eyebrow movement can make all the difference when getting a sassy point across.

Kingsley has this down pat, note how his eyebrows lifting up make you feel judged and like you're nothing more than a lowly peasant.

4. Mastering the Yoncé eye roll is a must.

Queen Bee knows whats up.

5. Oh and the classic "Bye Felicia" is a must have in your sass-stash.

6. Another option is to combine smiling and/or laughter while judging other people on their incompetencies.

HAHAHAHAHA in sass can actually translate to "you ingnant fool".

7. These next ones are for a more serious type of sass.

Miranda Priestly is essentially everything you should desire to embody when being sassy. Treat her as a God.

8. Like Fiona Goode here, you can take the more literal approach to sass.

Nothing gets your point across better than just telling someone to go jump off a cliff.

9. Throw in some hand movement for added intensity.

10. Gaga X2 because she's amazing.

Master the sunglass removal technique and you should be set!

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