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16 Times Tom Hanks Proved He Is An Absolute Gem Of A Human

We will never be worthy of the Hanx.

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2. And when he crashed this couple's wedding shoot and offered to perform their ceremony.

Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

3. When he not only bought a bunch of Girl Scout cookies, but also tried to help the troop sell more boxes to passersby.

@tomhanks and Thank you for supporting our local girl scouts #thanxhanx

4. When he had this reaction to seeing Olivia Wilde's engagement ring.

Olivia Wilde and Tom Hanks at Madison Square Garden on Sunday #Knicks


6. When a stranger pretended to be wasted for a photoshoot and he just went along with it.

8. When his Twitter basically became just a lost and found for gloves and shoes abandoned in New York City.

Insect? Bunny rabbit? Bird beak? Nope. Lost single glove, made of leather. Pricey loss. Hanx.


11. And when he even took on the role of "Instagram Husband" without a second thought.

@feyminism / Via

13. When he repeatedly bought new coffee machines for the White House press corps.

Thankx to @tomhanks for the new coffee machine for the schlubs in the WH press room.

16. And finally, every time he poured his heart into acting, giving us amazing performances decade after decade.

@rexuality / Via