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    16 Times Tom Hanks Proved He Is An Absolute Gem Of A Human

    We will never be worthy of the Hanx.

    1. When he posed as Santa with Wiz Khalifa as an elf for a Christmas card on Jimmy Kimmel.


    2. And when he crashed this couple's wedding shoot and offered to perform their ceremony.

    Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

    @TomHanks / Via Twitter: @tomhanks

    3. When he not only bought a bunch of Girl Scout cookies, but also tried to help the troop sell more boxes to passersby.

    @tomhanks and Thank you for supporting our local girl scouts #thanxhanx

    @ginnyrosenthal / Via Twitter: @ginnyrosenthal

    4. When he had this reaction to seeing Olivia Wilde's engagement ring.

    Olivia Wilde and Tom Hanks at Madison Square Garden on Sunday #Knicks

    @Brindille_ / Via Twitter: @Brindille_

    5. When he won an Emmy and, naturally, taped said Emmy to his car.

    @Tomhanks / Via Twitter: @tomhanks

    6. When a stranger pretended to be wasted for a photoshoot and he just went along with it.

    7. When he transformed into one of the most iconic characters of the modern age.


    8. When his Twitter basically became just a lost and found for gloves and shoes abandoned in New York City.

    Insect? Bunny rabbit? Bird beak? Nope. Lost single glove, made of leather. Pricey loss. Hanx.

    @Tomhanks / Via Twitter: @tomhanks

    9. And when he signed off every single tweet with "Hanx."

    @TomHanks / Via Twitter: @tomhanks

    10. When he was always ready to hype up his wife on social media.

    @TomHanks / Via

    11. And when he even took on the role of "Instagram Husband" without a second thought.

    @feyminism / Via

    12. When he showed his dorky side and fangirled over a typewriter.

    13. When he repeatedly bought new coffee machines for the White House press corps.

    Thankx to @tomhanks for the new coffee machine for the schlubs in the WH press room.

    @Steveholland1 / Via Twitter: @steveholland1

    14. When he straight-up starred in a Carly Rae Jepsen music video.

    15. Oh, and remember when he was awarded the Medal of Freedom?

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    16. And finally, every time he poured his heart into acting, giving us amazing performances decade after decade.

    @rexuality / Via

    Moral of the story: Tom Hanks is a freaking legend and none of us deserve him.


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