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    So Tom Hardy Is An Actual God And It's About Damn Time We Talked About It

    Sweet lord Jesus someone get me a water bottle ASAP.

    Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! I'm so thankful to have all of you here today to discuss my personal Lord and Savior Edward Thomas Hardy.

    As an expert on all things Tom Hardy, allow me to take a moment to educate you on the top reasons why Hardy is, and will always be, a GOD among men. Take out some pen and paper y'all, cause you're gonna want to take notes.

    Exhibit A: He looks absolutely dashing in a onesie.

    Exhibit B: He helped four puppies that were left in a box in the middle of a park find forever homes through the Battersea Dogs Home rescue center.

    Exhibit C: He was the KING of Myspace.

    Exhibit D: He believes in equal pay for men and women.

    Exhibit E: He turns every selfie taken with a dog into a work of art.

    Exhibit F: He raised money for the victims of both the Grenfell Tower fire and the Manchester attack at the Ariana Grande concert.

    Exhibit G: He can rap while holding a baby.

    View this video on YouTube

    Exhibit H: He can class it up and rock a top hat.

    Exhibit I: He can also rough it up with just a loin cloth.

    Exhibit J: He's great at multitasking.

    Exhibit K: He reads bedtime stories for children.

    Exhibit L: He's mastered the art of puppy dog eyes.

    And finally, Exhibit M: He basically invented the coy wink.

    I expect your 10-page paper on the brilliance that is Tom Hardy, with correct MLA formatting, in my email by midnight. No exceptions. Class dismissed.