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Deanna Dziak

Feb 2021
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    Deanna Dziak commented on What's Your Absolute Wildest "Irrational Customer" Story?

    I’ve worked in retail management for my entire adult life. So many customers come to mind but this is my most recent- A gentleman called and was irate that we didn’t have something in stock. He is convinced we are lying to him so he can’t but it. Calls weekly to complain again. Started… 

    3 months ago

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    Deanna Dziak commented on How Would Biden Canceling $10,000 In Student Loan Debt Change Your Life?

    I graduated in 2008 and could only get part time jobs. I deferred as much as I could until I got a decent full time job years later but I still owe about $9000. With all of the interest accumulated it feels like I’ll never get to the end. Not having to pay for the last year has been… 

    7 months ago

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