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What's Your Absolute Wildest "Irrational Customer" Story?

Whoever said "the customer is always right" never worked in retail.

Before I was a writer and editor for BuzzFeed dot com the website, I worked in BOTH customer service and retail for 7+ years (and two of those years were at a call center). As I'm sure you can imagine, the horror stories I have from those times still haunt me TO. THIS. DAY.

So, for all my fellow customer service and retail workers out there: what's your wildest "Holy heck, this customer is almost hilariously irrational" story? Like, I'm talkin' your absolute WORST customer horror story.

Maybe you had an enraged customer try to repeatedly return a "gift with purchase" for a refund, despite explaining to them for hours that they were sent it FOR FREE.

Or perhaps a customer demanded that YOU buy them a brand-new pair of designer slacks after THEY spilled product on themselves.

Heck, maybe you had a patron attempt to call the actual police on you because you were unable to use an absurdly expired coupon on their massive purchase.

Share your wildest "irrational customer" story in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post and/or video!