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    People Who've Bought A House, I Neeeeed To Know Exactly How You Afforded It (No Judgment!)

    I need to know. I mean, I don't know if I'll ever be able to utilize your knowledge, but still, I need to know.

    I've had enough! Yesterday I was walking around my cute little LA neighborhood, ruminating on the fact that all of these tiny houses cost $1.4 million for some reason, when all of a sudden I came across a house where the "for sale" sign was no longer present, and a new car was in the driveway. Readers, somebody had finally bought the house.

    Spanish colonial revival in LA

    Which one of you was it?! This house was a rare new build. I looked it up on Zillow, and it sold for $4 million. Yes, I live in LA, so it's not that crazy of a price — but we're not all executives at Warner Bros. So who is buying these houses?!

    Closeup of a house

    Homeowners, I aspire to be you someday. You are living my dream. Please, tell me how you did it; and do not be shy.

    People unloading from a moving truck

    If you actually bought a house, tell us when you started saving, or what you studied in college, or where you work now.

    Young businesswoman carrying smartphone

    Tell us about your amazing job, the banker connection you have that got you your reallllly low interest rate, or the rare $500,000 find you lucked into discovering before anybody else.

    A cute, small home with a yard full of autumn leaves

    Maybe you saved some dough by cutting back on the avocado toast and lattes...then turned 21 and got access to your trust fund. Tell me about it!

    Victorian mansion surrounded by a lush garden

    Maybe your parents were kind enough and able to help you out. Or maybe you scrimped and saved for years to buy your little fixer-upper.

    California side street

    Maybe an estranged and mysteriously wealthy great-aunt passed away, leaving you the sole inheritor of her estate. How glamorous!

    WHATEVER IT IS, beautiful readers, I am genuinely so curious as to who is buying all these houses, and how they are managing to do it. So — whether it's you, your sibling, your cousin, or that weird guy from college, go ahead and dish on how that house was acquired.

    Exterior of a dark wood house

    If you want to share (do divulge, darling), go ahead and leave your comments down in...the comments. Or, if you want to dish but prefer to stay anonymous, you'll want to check out my anonymous Google form. Your response may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!