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28 Reasons You Should Be Excited That "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Is Coming Back

The dream is coming true.

Today Colin Mochrie, the arch-duke of improv, tweeted this:

And, appropriately, everyone reacted to the news like this:

1. Because it means maybe we'll find out who Colin's real parents are:

2. Or what goes on in Obama's head:

3. Because maybe we'll finally get to see Ryan Stiles bare all:

4. And maybe this eternal question will be answered:

5. Because now "Whose Line" can provide us with more parenting advice:

6. And it means more great guests:

7. And maybe even the return of Stephen Colbert?

8. Because now we can learn more of the dos and don'ts of prison:

9. Or the dos and don'ts of a successful relationship:

10. Because now we can get an update on Ryan's and Colin's rap careers:

11. And an update on their modeling career:

12. And Colin's foray into advertising:

13. Because the show can teach us more about how to be tough:

14. Or how to win friends and influence people:

15. Because now the show can also teach us how to get back at our neighbors:

16. Or how to deal with a very serious illness, like this one:

17. Or how to deal with an idiot like Brad:

18. Because now we can learn if Ryan ever became a confident lizard:

19. Or if Colin ever made the great escape:

20. We can find out if Colin added a little spice to his life:

21. Or if Wayne won the Grammy:

22. And maybe we can finally understand what is going on here:

23. Because now we can get an update on how Colin's face tastes:

24. Or if Drew ever made it past 20 minutes:

25. And if Colin got his final merit badge:

26. Because Ryan can give us more travel tips:

27. And Wayne can show us how to respect other people's cultures:

28. And, most of all, because it means one thing: more scenes from a hat!

AKA the finest game ever played.

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