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21 Reasons Why “Hocus Pocus” Is The Best And Most Important Part Of Halloween

It's October... do you know what that MEANS?!?

You've all been counting down the days...

You've marked your calendar...

Because you know...

And it's time to scream this at everyone you live with:

So you can FINALLY see what these beautiful sisters are up to this year:

But why is Hocus Pocus the best and most life-changing and groundbreaking Halloween movie ever? Well...

1. Because Sarah Jessica Parker has never had a better role than Sarah Sanderson:

And everything that came out of her mouth was pure gold:

2. And same with Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson:

3. And, honestly, don't we all feel like Winifred every single morning?

4. Because the movie taught us so many important things, like what a virgin is:

5. And what...yabos...are:

6. And that ugly chicks are the ones that stay out late:

7. It also taught us proper anger management skills:

8. Hot beauty tips:

9. And, most importantly, who Ice is:

10. Because every time you watch the movie you see something you missed...or a joke you didn't get as a kid:

11. Because every time you use a lighter now you can't help but think of the THE BURNING RAIN OF DEATH:

12. And every time you pick up a book you can't help but yell this:

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13. Because the movie had zombies before zombies were "in":

14. Because you probably use the Winifred Sanderson death stare four to six times a day:

15. Because you know all these critics could not have been more wrong:

16. Because there are two types of people in this world: people who are in love with Thackery Binx...

Even now that he's on NCIS:

17. And people who are in love with Max Dennison:

Even if he's too cool for Halloween:

Oh, yeah, and people who are in love with the skeleton-faced lead singer of the band:

18. Because a character says the movie's title during the movie:

19. Because you know that dressing as the Sanderson sisters is the perfect costume for anyone, whether you're three girls, or, like below, three guys:

20. Because of these beautiful, beautiful teeth:

21. Because even though the movie was hilarious:

And terrifying...

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It was still made you cry like a baby:

Now it's time to grab an old VHS (or just turn on ABC Family? Or Fox Family?):

Bust you your best singing voice:

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All images via Walt Disney Pictures.