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    People Are Sharing The Most Mid-2000s Things They Ever Did And It's Fantastic

    What a moment in time.

    A few days ago I asked no one in particular what the most mid-2000s thing they ever did was:

    what's the most mid 2000s thing you ever did? mine was use an iTunes code from the cap of a Mountain Dew Code Red to download a Bloodhound Gang song

    BTW, the song was Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.

    And, hey, lemme tell you, the responses came rollin' in. The replies were chocked (chopped? chop't?) full of...


    Argued with my girlfriend at the time over why she wasn't my #1 friend on MySpace

    Flip phones:

    Hold my flip phone next to a speaker to record a song I wanted as a ring tone.

    John Mayer:

    Wore a “Jesus is my Homeboy” shirt from UO to a John Mayer concert.


    i got really, really into dance dance revolution for six months


    Absolutely destroying the family computer by downloading music with Limewire

    The Sims:

    got our dad to order us a pizza hut value meal because it came with The Sims 2 for PC for FREE. honestly a steal.



    Lance Armstrong:

    buy a fake livestrong bracelet from my classmate

    Avril Lavigne:

    Had a pink T shirt that said I 🖤 ASHTON but wore it with a fishnet shirt undeath, Good Charlotte wristbands, Tripp pants, and an Avril Lavigne tie


    I had the U2 iPod


    Entered a contest to win a rhinestone encrusted Sidekick. I saw the ad in Teen People.

    Paris Hilton:

    Me and My Sister downloaded Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape, ‘A Night in Paris’ on Limewire and broke our computer

    Even more MySpace:

    Hooked up with someone off of MySpace.


    took a black and white laserjet printer photo of dido to the hairdresser for reference.

    Ancient jobs:

    I had a job at a newspaper.

    The 2004 election:

    I volunteered at a John Kerry phone bank to impress a girl


    I was a professional online poker player.

    The holy trinity of the mid-2000s:

    remembering to put my Virgin Mobile flip-phone on vibrate when i saw REVENGE OF THE SITH in theatres (then likely going home and playing Guitar Hero)

    Powerful outfits:

    @davestopera dressed like this one time

    Clandestine ringtone operations:

    man in phone shop agreed to fix my flip phone for free if I sent him the mario bros theme I had over Bluetooth

    Guster and AIM:

    I took a date to see Guster and left a melodramatic AIM away message while were were out.


    Wore JNCO jeans to more than one ska concert.


    bought a Dane Cook CD


    @davestopera Went to FYE and actually bought Graduation by Kanye because 50 cent said he’d retire from rapping if Kanye outsold him week one

    Hair dye:

    Dyed my hair highlighter green, tried to grow a goatee, bought shirts at Hot Topic almost exclusively

    Fine art:

    @davestopera made a clock in the shape of an iPod mini playing a Keane song at school


    I ripped every Dave Matthews Band album off Kazaa, then burned them on to blank CD-Rs

    Even finer art:

    strategically peeled the metallic part off of gum wrappers and covered the entire front of my school planner with them

    Fine cinema:

    I bought and wore a “Vote for Pedro” T-shirt

    Fabulous outfits:

    wore a t-shirt that said Ben Affleck's Future Girlfriend

    Family Guy:

    Showed up to a middle-school dance in two polo shirts, both with collars popped, and a Family Guy hat

    Lindsay Lohan:

    Got chunky blonde highlights to try and look like Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday 🤷‍♀️

    The ORIGINAL Josh:

    I saw a Josh Hartnett movie in a theater with his name on the poster, right there above the title.

    Warped Tour:

    Attended Warped Tour wearing a Something Corporate t-shirt

    And finally:

    Deployed to Iraq twice.

    Oh right.