How Many Of These Terrible Things Would You Do For $100?

How much is your dignity really worth to you?

  1. Would you...
    1. 1 Punch your dad?
    2. 2 Punt a squirrel?
    3. 3 Lick a urinal?
    4. 4 Show your mom your recent Google search history?
    5. 5 Call your boss “dad” for the entire day?
    6. 6 Call your dad “boss” for the entire day?
    7. 7 Wear Adidas sandals to a rap concert?
    8. 8 Drink your grandma’s pee?
    9. 9 Ingest a softball, then poop it out?
    10. 10 Be sexually attracted to fruit for the rest of your life?
    11. 11 Eat a boot?
    12. 12 Give a priest a wedgie?
    13. 13 Give a rabbi a noogie?
    14. 14 Not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby for your entire adult life?
    15. 15 Jump off a roof holding an open umbrella?
    16. 16 Eat a hundred dollar bill?
    17. 17 …what if the $100 bill you just ate was the $100 you’d win?
    18. 18 Watch your parents have sex for five minutes?
    19. 19 Watch your parents have sex for 15 minutes?
    20. 20 Watch your parents have sex for 30 minutes?
    21. 21 Have sex while your parents watched YOU?
    22. 22 Take a sip from a tea cup filled with your diarrhea?
    23. 23 Be shrunken down to the size of an ant and be forced to spend the afternoon in the armpit of a professional basketball player?
    24. 24 Sleep with a stuffed animal made out of Robin William’s chest hair?
    25. 25 Make love to a canoe?
    26. 26 Make love to a goat?
    27. 27 Make love to Gary Busey?
    28. 28 Make love to a cardboard cut-out of Gary Busey?
    29. 29 Get a handjob from the Pokemon Geodude?
    30. 30 Be forced to get a soup everytime you order a salad?
    31. 31 Be forced to get a salad everytime you order a soup?
    32. 32 Verbally count to a million?
    33. 33 Eat a toenail salad with carrot ginger dressing?
    34. 34 Eat a fistfull of grass?
    35. 35 Eat a fistfull of brass?
    36. 36 Eat a fistfull of trash?
    37. 37 Say “I Love You” to the person making your burrito at Chipotle?
    38. 38 Not bathe for a week?
    39. 39 Have your diet consist solely of paper towels?
    40. 40 Stick two sharpie markers up your nose and pretend to be a walrus?
    41. 41 Dump an entire bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s No-Tear Shampoo into your eyes?
    42. 42 Eat a full bar of soap?
    43. 43 Eat a full bar of soap that your uncle has been using for the last two weeks?
    44. 44 Eat a battery?
    45. 45 Refer to the other person as “Doc” throughout a first date?
    46. 46 Bathe in Charles Barkley’s forehead sweat?
    47. 47 Be forced to repeat everything you say three times…
    48. 48 …and the third time it’s accidentally racist?
    49. 49 Walk the length of a football field barefoot over scattered Legos?
    50. 50 Take a vow of silence for a month…
    51. 51 …but if you need to talk, the only things you can say are lyircs to Smash Mouth songs?
    52. 52 Wear the same pair of underwear for a week?
    53. 53 For a month?
    54. 54 Wear your Grandma’s used (and unwashed) underwear for a week?
    55. 55 ….for a month??
    56. 56 Get free movie tickets for life but the only movie you can see is “The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas”?
    57. 57 Be Stephen Baldwin?
    58. 58 Be Daniel Baldwin?
    59. 59 Be bald, in general?
    60. 60 Eat a houseplant?
    61. 61 Plant a house?
    62. 62 Wear floatees on your arms for a week?
    63. 63 Legally change your name to Aiden?
    64. 64 ….to Beverly?
    65. 65 …to Jesus Fartman, Attorney At Law?
    66. 66 Put your finger in an electrical socket?
    67. 67 Have Drake be mad at you for no reason?
    68. 68 Drink a glass of milk that expired two days ago?
    69. 69 Drink a glass of milk that expired four days ago?
    70. 70 Drink a glass of milk that expired eight days ago?
    71. 71 Forget how to read for two days?
    72. 72 Ask to eat lunch with a group of teens at the park and be swiftly denied?
    73. 73 Be one of those people who has to dress up as the Statue of Liberty and sell insurance for a day?
    74. 74 Live through the two most embarrassing moments of your life again?
    75. 75 Cover yourself head to toe in Cheeto dust?
    76. 76 Smell Kevin Federline’s undewear?
    77. 77 Put clothespins on your nipples for 30 seconds?
    78. 78 Just do anything painful to your nipples for 30 seconds?
    79. 79 Step in dog shit every morning when you get out of bed for a week?
    80. 80 Get a tattoo of Newman from “Seinfeld” flying the Enola Gay on your lower back?
    81. 81 Chew on tin foil for 30 minutes?
    82. 82 Lick a public phone booth’s phone?
    83. 83 Be forced to used AOL as your internet providor for a month?
    84. 84 Only be able to listen to the theme song to “The Big Bang Theory” as your music for a month?
    85. 85 Let a toddler cut your hair?
    86. 86 Let a toddler shave your legs?
    87. 87 Go to a high school prom as an adult?
    88. 88 Refer to yourself only as “Computerman” for a week?
    89. 89 Have food poisoning for a day?
    90. 90 Forget the ’90s?
    91. 91 Smoke a joint with your boss and then realize it was laced with PCP?
    92. 92 Make love to another canoe?
    93. 93 Use mayonnaise as face lotion for a week?
    94. 94 Use face lotion as mayonnaise for a week?
    95. 95 Have sex with a whale’s blow hole?
    96. 96 Masturbate with a cactus?
    97. 97 Fart loudly when meeting the president?
    98. 98 Get a really bad handjob from your grandma?
    99. 99 Get a really good handjob from your grandma?
    100. 100 Work an eight-hour work day at a job you feel you are overqualified for?

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