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35 People That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Life Choices

We all make mistakes. Some people just make bigger mistakes.

1. The guy with the world's worst Mother's Day present:

2. This aspiring billionaire:

3. This entire family:

4. Elvis' worst fan:

5. Megan's ex:

6. This loving family:

7. Anyone and everyone with a Maury tattoo:

8. This person who got this important anatomy tattoo:

9. And this person who got this way less important anatomy tattoo:

10. The coolest teen from 2008:

11. Dave:

12. This guy who probably hasn't seen Road House:

13. Drew and his bad memory:

14. This guy who clearly confused Michael Jackson with Nickelodeon's "Doug":

15. The guy with this tasty tribute:

16. This person keeping the dream alive:

17. This joker:

18. This guy who was almost certainly rightfully convicted based solely on his tattoos:

19. The perpetrator behind this dog-owl...dowl?

20. The world's strongest man with the world's weakest tattoo:

21. Mama:

22. Anyone and everyone who gets Juggalo makeup permanently on their face:

23. This person who clearly discovered a new species of tiger:

24. The world's most unfortunate sponsored athlete:

25. Bob Marley's worst fan:

26. The person behind this:

27. Chris Farley's worst fan:

28. Anyone with a Ronald Reagan back tattoo:

29. The king of the jungle:

30. This bear's worst fan:

31. The people in this terrifying family:

32. This guy whose live is game:

33. The world's worst Patriots fan:

34. This person behind this "tiger":

35. And this... Wait. This is actually perfect.