Reporting To You X



We were barely recovered from Too Many Cooks.

Because you're the Beavis to my Butthead.

Ikea Malaysia held a lookalike contest with downright uncanny results.

Pinterest, YOU LIED TO ME.

You had one job, Target. One job.

Hospital staff found the 23-year-old unconscious in a private booth.

We all make mistakes. Some people just make bigger mistakes.

Now this is a fakecation. Holy cow.

But why you would want to is another matter entirely.

Because boobs are cup-able of so much more than looking great!

When have we gone too far?

Why are we even on this dumb website??? These gems.


Ten topics, 50 questions. Your time starts now.

BuzzFeed asked Hilary: "Aaron Carter keeps declaring his love for you, how do you feel about it?”

It's time to move out.

For anyone whose interests tend toward the morbid.

Did you know that women's ears become more symmetrical when they ovulate? It's true!

Meet Marilyn Mansfield and her incredible doll collection.

Vilma Soltesz died in Hungary in 2012 after Delta, KLM, and Lufthansa apparently wouldn't allow her to come home to New York on their planes.

That thing you think no one knows about? WE KNOW.

Because we really don't need to see a "sexy" Beetlejuice. Also, BRB, weeping in the corner for my childhood.

He's literally cleaning up the streets.

As you do.

Be thankful these monsters live at pressures humans could never survive at.

The mommy-daughter duo work together to create stunning, surreal masterpieces.

From the creation of memes to scene culture, Generation Y'ers are stranger than any other generation yet. But what could they expect with shows like this?

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