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The 32 Absolute Worst Songs To Listen To During Sex

A very scientific survey.

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3. "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood

Potentially erotic lyric:

From the lakes of Minnesota
To the hills of Tennessee
Across the plains of Texas
From sea to shining sea

It's sort of like the Lee Greenwood version of "Hoes in Different Area Codes."


8. "You've Got a Friend in Me" by Randy Newman

Potentially erotic lyric:

When the road looks, rough ahead
And you're miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
Just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me

A casual sex anthem.


9. "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" by Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz

Potentially erotic lyric:

Now freestyle, freestyle - freestyle
Freestyle, freestyle - your style

Sex is all about listening to your partner. Good to see the Buckwheat Boyz embrace that.


15. "That's So Raven" by Raven Symone

Potentially erotic lyric:

Hey, now, what ya say, now? 'Bout to put it down
Yeah, come on and ride with Rae now
And the future looks great now
And everything's gonna change, now
Let's rock


29. "Cha-Cha Slide" by Mr. C The Slide Man

Potentially erotic lyric:

How low can you go?
Can you go down low?
All the way to the floor
How low can you go?
Can you bring it to the top?
Like you never never stop?
Can you bring it to the top, one hop

I, for one, clap my hands for Mr. C.

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