18 Things "Back To The Future" Forgot To Predict

    So Back to the Future may have gotten SOME things right, but not everything!

    1. Snapchat:

    2. Uber:

    3. Venmo:

    4. The iPad:

    5. Another Clinton running for president:

    6. Star Wars Episode VII:

    7. Linda saying she "just needs some space."

    8. Yeezy Boosts:

    9. Tidal, the music streaming service for the people:

    10. The rise and fall of Blu-ray:

    11. Linda sleeping in the guest bedroom for the third night in a row.

    12. Netflix and Chill:

    13. Taylor's feud with Nicki:

    14. DraftKings and FanDuel:

    15. Many of the Instagram filters:

    16. Steve Jobs:

    17. The night I told Linda about my day at the store and I could see the love drain out of her beautiful blue eyes. Eyes I'd once found comfort in but now only found sorrow. Eyes that used to love but now only judged. Linda's eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes.

    18. And Pokémon: