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Mar 31, 2020

19 Things People Legitimately Bought For Their Coronavirus Quarantine

Y'all are random, but I don't hate it.

If you hadn't noticed, people have been buying A LOT of stuff these past few days to stock up for the coronavirus quarantine.

And in case you didn't know, bulk-buying and hoarding can have harmful effects. If one person buys a ton of the same item, it can prevent other people from having any at all. Like diapers for their baby, or milk for their family.


But it's been kind of amusing seeing the more peculiar items some people have been we decided to ask the BuzzFeed Community to share the weirdest things they panic-bought for the coronavirus quarantine. Here are the wildest submissions:

1. "A baby bearded dragon. To be fair, I'd researched and considered one for months and am already a proud snake parent, but it suddenly felt like the time."

2. "Five jars of garlic powder. I can't live without garlic!"


3. "Boxes of Jell-O powder. Like, so many."

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4. "A new wet brush. I knew I’d be taking a lot of showers out of sheer boredom."

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5. "Grain alcohol. There was no rubbing alcohol and I've actually always used that to make my own hand sanitizer/different cleaning solutions."


6. "My wife came home with three packages of boozy popsicles. We don't even drink."



7. "Several packages of Trolls-themed Oreos."


8. "ChapStick...I know there’s one in my car, and in my bathroom, and on my night stand, but is there one in my kitchen and living room?!"

9. "Boiled peanuts?"


10. "$100 worth of grow lights, seeds, and dirt to ensure that my kids and I will have fresh produce in the coming weeks."


11. "Those Air Wick wall fresheners. I use them a lot on a regular basis because I like my apartment to smell nice. Since there’s a very real chance that I’ll be isolated in said apartment indefinitely, I want my place to smell good. I’ve bought quite a bunch."

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12. "I just bought like 200 vintage Harlequin brand romance books on eBay."


13. "I bought a pink wig and stocked up on skincare masks because why not. I’m bored. Might as well hide my terrible root grow out and get glowing skin."

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14. "Eight cases of La Croix. In my defense, they were on sale."



15. "Massive amounts of Eggo waffles. At least one box of every flavor and the pancakes."


16. "We purchased a 50-pound bag of popcorn on Amazon the other day. Delicious ✓ Kid-Friendly ✓ Long Shelf Life ✓ Crazy ✓ ✓✓."

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17. "A Costco-sized jar of Jelly Bellies and 48 croissants."

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18. "Yarn! I had a feeling I might have to self-isolate and lo and behold, here I am! 14 days of crocheting to get rid of boredom."



19. "A bidet."

Have you bought something even more wild than any of the purchases listed above? Tell us about it or share a photo of it in the comments! Your response could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.

Some submissions have been edited for grammar and clarity.

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