This Woman Is Tweeting The Ultimate Dystopian YA Novel And It's Hilarious

    Protagonist who's not like everyone else? Check. Oppressive regime? Check. Trains? You're goddamn right there's trains. Via @DystopianYA.

    A new Twitter account is playfully skewering popular dystopian Young Adult fiction series like The Hunger Games and Divergent.

    The account began tweeting on February 11, and immediately won an audience. It's easy to see why:

    I didn't know that I was born to be different.

    People from This Category haven't gotten along with people from That Category. Well, not since the Civil Schism.

    It's not Communism if none of us call it Communism.

    "Are you Valentine Neverwoods?" She asked with a stern tone. I nodded slowly. "I usually go by Val," I said.

    I just feel like there should be MORE beyond this gated community none of us have ever ventured beyond.

    My sister Harpa played with her hair. In a lot of ways, she reminds me of a metaphor for my childhood innocence.

    Schwartz told BuzzFeed: "It's definitely an affectionate parody."

    "Anthem!" I cried out, "Your rebellious sacrifice isn't worth it!" Anthem looked back at me. "You're worth everything to me, Val."

    Adults don't understand. All they've learned is how to go about their days without questioning anything.

    I have gangly limbs and a feminine form just beginning to take shape. I'm not beautiful, but my green eyes are nice.

    Turns out the grownups you once blindly trusted shouldn't have been blindly trusted at all.

    Adolescence is a confusing time to discover my own identity. Good thing the Infallible System will determine my identity for me.

    "Since I read Divergent a few years ago, I became hyperaware of the sort of tropes that have become overused in YA novels."

    I always saw Ermias as more of a brother to me.

    You'd think a first love would distract me from taking down the Corrupt System, but you'd be wrong.

    I once could have been happy in this System. Not anymore.

    It just seems like I don't fit into our Society's prescribed categories.

    "He's an Other," she said, with venom in her mouth. "We've been taught not to associate with their kind."

    "I'm writing it day-by-day at the moment. More like minute-by-minute. I’m a very impulsive tweeter."

    None of us remember what it was like in the Before Time. I think they called it "America"

    This was my first time riding the Train.

    Anthem held my hand, but I couldn't stop thinking of Ermias and how he had kissed me when I least expected it. What were these feelings?

    Maybe the all-powerful Totalitarian government doesn't know best after all. And maybe I can fight it.

    I'm plain looking and shy. There's no way two guys would be fighting for my love right? This world is more confusing than it first appeared.

    "It's had positive response so far."

    I'm so clumsy. I accidentally spilled the Nutrition we had for dinner all over my grey tunic.

    It's the night before my 17th birthday, which means in a few hours, I'll have to face the mysterious Test to determine my future.

    I'm the best SlateBoarder in the entire Colony. Maybe it's not much, but I'm tough.

    Some things are more important than order! Things like independence and freedom!

    "My name is Valentine Neverwoods," I said, my knees shaking. "And I'm making a very brave choice that will mean standing out for good."

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