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40 Things Under $15 You'll Want For Every Room In Your Home

These household basics are anything but basic.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A lazy Susan so you can spin all of your spices and canned goods instead of taking them out one-by-one just to find what you need.

Sauces and wine placed on lazy susan in cabinet

2. An ice cube tray with a lid since you'll probably be doubling the amount of ice you put in your drinks now that the summer heat is in full swing. The lid will keep out any lingering odors and makes it way easier to transport from the sink to the freezer.

Hand placing sealed ice cube tray into freezer

3. A rechargeable USB lighter that is basically a must-have for any candle lover, because there's nothing more annoying than running out of lighter fuel when you've already lit two of the three wicks on your new Bath and Body Works candle. The flexible design makes it super easy to reach inside the candle once it's toward the bottom too!

4. A roll of bamboo paper towels that are way more durable and absorbent than the ones you have in your kitchen right now. They're also easily machine-washable up to 100 times, so you can basically cross paper towels off your grocery list forever.

5. A washable, reusable sponge with scrubby mesh on one side and soft cotton terry cloth on the other. Plus, those prints are way more adorable than the green-and-yellow sponges you have in your sink right now.

6. A pumice cleaning stone to cut through hard water rings and calcium buildup, because your porcelain throne should always be clean and sparkly.

Reviewer photo showing before-and-after results of using pumice cleaning stone on toilet bowl

7. A pair of heat-resistant silicone oven mitts, because those cloth ones you've been using barely work and you know it. They're also waterproof and extremely easy to clean, so you won't have to worry about these getting all funky in between washes.

8. A 20-pack of cleaning erasers — they're more affordable than name brands but, if you catch my drift. These little sponges use just water to lift away tough stains — and the results are downright soothing.

9. A handheld veggie spiralizer to make eating healthy feel like a total treat. You'll have Food Network-worthy spirals at just a few flicks of the wrist.

A hand using the spiralizer, which is similar to a large pencil sharpener, to make zucchini noodles

10. A toothbrush holder with extra space for toothpaste, hand soap, hair products, lotion, cotton rounds, or anything else you want to keep handy.

Wire toothbrush holder with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors placed inside

11. A sleek stand that will finally give you a place to rest your spoons and pot lids instead of awkwardly laying them on the counter and hoping they don't leave a mess for you to clean up later.

Lid and wooden spoon placed on holder

12. A hanging laundry hamper to get your clothes off the floor and create space for more cute décor. It even has a zippered bottom so you can easily dump everything into a hamper without taking it down.

Laundry hamper hanging over top of door filled with laundry

13. A cleaning kit that will break down burnt-on food and make your ceramic cooktop look as shiny and flawless as the day you moved in.

A before-and-after photo showing a dirty stovetop and a clean stovetop

14. A pack of hydrogen peroxide-infused tablets — they're basically like bath bombs for your toilet. If your toilet is looking embarrassingly dingy, just pop one of these cubes in the bowl and let the fizzy action break down all the nastiness that's accumulated throughout the week.

Model holding jar of toilet bombs place on sink

15. A garbage disposal cleaner that foams up to help break down any food residue that's been lingering in there for far too long. I'm starting to feel like adulthood is just learning about all the things you never realized you were supposed to be cleaning.

16. A TubShroom to catch all of your hair before it has a chance to clog your drain — because no, it shouldn't take a full hour for your shower to fully drain.

17. A 10-foot lightning cable that lets you charge your iPhone and iPad from basically anywhere so you can avoid that dreaded moment when your phone's about to die and you're nowhere near an outlet.

Model on couch plugging in 10-foot charger corn into iPad

18. A descaling solution that'll break down all of the limescale buildup inside your electric kettle or coffee maker, because I regret to inform you that the interior also needs cleaning. If your coffee just isn't hitting the spot like it used to, it's probably time to run a cleaning cycle.

19. A digital food thermometer that gives an instant reading, so you can rest assured that your meats are cooked to the perfect temperature.

The red thermometer with its stainless steel reading needle inserted into a roasted turkey

20. A shower door cleaner to remove any stubborn hard water spots and have your glass looking so clean you might accidentally walk into it.

21. A two-stage electric knife-sharpener to add some life back into those dull blades that you've owned for longer than you'd like to admit.

Hands running a knife through the small sharpener

22. A reusable and machine-washable duster that fits onto the Swiffer duster handle so you can stop wasting money on the flimsy disposable refills. These will quickly get rid of the layer of dust that's been accumulating since you moved in. No judgment.

Set of reusable Swiffer dusters in various colors

23. A pack of cleaning tablets to clean your dishwasher for you, because it's probably way dirtier than you imagine. These will break down lime and mineral build-up so your dishes come out looking as sparkly as they do in all those dish soap commercials.

24. A set of classy stainless-steel measuring cups so you can stop eyeballing everything when you try out a new recipe you found on TikTok.

A set of stainless steel measuring cups filled with baking ingredients

25. A little lotus that turns your cotton swabs into a precious piece of décor. It even has a clear lid to keep your Q-tips protected and free of dust.

Flower-shaped cotton swab holder filled with cotton swabs

26. A foldable cutting board so you can easily dump all of your veggies directly into the pot once you're done chopping.

Green cutting board transporting mushrooms into stovetop

27. A washable and reusable alternative to disposable Swiffer Wet Jet pads that aren't just better for the environment, they're also way cuter. Just look at those prints!

28. A hanging storage unit with five deep shelves and six mesh side pockets so you'll have a perfect place for all your undershirts, scarves, socks, or anything else that simply doesn't belong on a hanger.

Five-shelf hanging organizer placed on closet rod

29. A jar of the TikTok-famous Pink Stuff, which is basically the Powerpuff Girl of cleaning products: it looks cute but packs a serious punch. Once you use it to tackle the grime in your oven, you can use it to spruce up your tiles or give your shower door a good scrub down.

30. A can of fire-extinguishing aerosol spray you'll be glad to have the next time you accidentally start a small kitchen fire. One press of the nozzle provides 32 seconds of fire-fighting spray and the biodegradable formula is super easy to wipe clean.

31. A broom for pet and human hair so you can rake up everything that your vacuum can't reach. You'll be shook when you see all the hair and dust that's hiding out in your area rugs.

32. A pack of washing machine cleaner tablets to banish odors and break down residue so your clothes will come out feeling cleaner than ever.

Reviewer photo of clean washing machine

33. A set of space-saving folding hangers that will practically double your closet space. They easily unfold when you're ready to hang up your fresh laundry, then fold back down to give you some extra room.

34. A carpet cleaner to clean up everything from spaghetti mishaps to coffee spills in your car. If only Kevin had this on hand when he spilled his famous chili.

A photo showing red food stains completely removed from a carpet and walls

35. A nonabrasive but super scrubby scouring paste to show all the gunk in your sink and the soap scum in your tub who's boss. You can even use it as a nontoxic oven cleanser — so you'll basically be carrying it from room to room.

Jar of HumbleSuds Scour Cleaning Paste

36. These magical heavy-duty cleaning wipes that remove everything from grease to ink stains with zero water required. It's also formulated with aloe and vitamin E so it's gentle on your skin.

The canister of wipes sitting next to a messy microwave

37. A water-resistant and easy-to-hang shower caddy, because it's time to stop storing all of your bottles on the edge of the bathtub. It's also perfect for adding some easy storage space to your kitchen, closets, or laundry room — so you'll probably want to pick up more than one.

38. A bathroom cleaner made with natural ingredients to leave your tiles shining and tub as sparkly as the day you moved in. Plus, it's free from fumes and synthetic dyes, so you won't have to worry about any mid-chore headaches.

39. A granite and stone cleaner — not only will it have your countertops looking ready for the pages of Architectural Digest, but it also kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

40. A pack of bamboo toothbrushes that are biodegradable and way more eco-friendly than the plastic one you're currently using. And let's face it — they also just look way cooler.

Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.