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    Listen: These Are The Absolute Best—And Worst—Movie Plot Twists

    “And then you find out—everyone’s favorite plot twist device—that it was all a dream. Just kidding, everyone hates this. Thank you for wasting my time.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Today, we’re joined by Allie Hayes to debate the best movie plot twists of all time because people *really* love spoilers. 

Allie explains why she thinks the 2001 Nicole Kidman thriller “The Others” contains the best plot twist of all time.

    Casey, Zach and Allie also debate who is the superior crafter of the horror twist: Jordan Peele or M. Night Shyamalan.

    And, they’re also breaking down what they think are some of the *worst* plot twists. Yes one of them involves a Twilight movie. Listen to find out what the other is.

    2. Plus Grimes is weirdly enjoying having COVID.

    3. And Trump supporters are now going after manatees.

    Here is the video of the poor manatee that had "TRUMP" carved into its body. Minding it's own business and some monster(s) came along and did this. If you have information on the person(s) who committed this federal crime please call 888-404-3922

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