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  • RIP: Paul the Psychic Soccer Octopus Dead

    Remember Paul, the magical octopus that correctly predicted a bunch of games at the world cup last summer? He died. A bunch of Dutch soccer players were seen in the vicinity he passed. Calamari anyone?

  • Ted Kennedy Dies

    Ted Kennedy died of brain cancer last night at 77. The youngest of 8 children, and the only male to die of natural causes. He may have caused some controversies, but damn, what a life lived.

  • Best Softball Game Ever

    The staffs from NBC Nightly News and the Daily Show went head to head last night in a softball game. This has to be the best company softball game ever. Apparently, those slackers at the Daily Show can really ball.

  • “The Lovely Bones” Trailer

    Following the hallowed Buzzfeed tradition of trailer posting, here is the trailer for Peter Jackson’s Oscar bait-y adaptation of The Lovely Bones (featuring that bratty little bitch from Atonement).

  • Anna Wintour On 60 Minutes

    I am a MAN and an unabashed fan of Devil Wears Prada. 60 minutes did a piece on her, and Nicholas Ghesquiere and John Galliano also chime in, names I only recognize thanks to the movie.

  • Radiohead Will Testify Against RIAA

    Radiohead will testify against the RIAA in its case against a music downloading law student at Boston University. If you’ve run out of reasons for loving Radiohead, here is another.

  • April Fool’s, Hugh Jackman!

    There is a legit, near dvd-quality version of “Wolverine” floating around, a month before its release. Some of the fx aren’t finished, and some new re-shot footage isn’t included. Hugh Jackman, who’s also a producer, will be pissed. FYI for the ladies: movie includes glimpses of his naked posterior.

  • Barney Frank’s Sketchy Sex Scandal

    60 Minutes had interview with Congressman Barney Frank, the guy Bill O’reilly went apeshit on. Frank talks about being openly gay, and his sex scandal in the 1980s where a male escort “secretly” ran a escort service out of his own apartment without his knowledge. Around 8:47 into the video, his bf flirts on him. Do I smell a Harvey Milk like biopic in the works?

  • World’s Oldest Marijuana Stash Found

    Archaeologists discovered the world’s oldest weed buried in a grave in the Gobi desert. The scientists are unsure if the marijuana was grown for more spiritual or medical purposes, but it’s evident that the blue-eyed man was buried with a lot of it.

  • Gossip Girl Creator to Write New X-Men Movie

    Fox has hired GG’s creator to write “X-Men: First Class”, a new franchise about a younger team of mutants. A movie about young rich upper class mutants in a prestigious private school as seen from a mysterious mutant blogger ?

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