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    31 Konbini Foods You Surely Miss If You've Ever Lived In Japan

    If you've ever spent an extended period of time in Japan, you probably ate a disproportionate amount of your meals at convenience stores. Which items do you miss the most?

    Pizza flavoured potato chips.


    Yaki-soba Sandwich

    Kinoko no Yama

    Melty Kiss

    Aptly named.

    Chelsea Toffees

    Hi Chew

    Gari Gari Kun

    For those hot summer days.

    Baby Star Ramen

    Green Tea

    Koala March


    It takes serious skills to get used to unwrapping them, but once you've mastered it, it's worth it.

    Milk Tea


    A winter special.



    Another winter favourite.

    Coffee served in these cups

    Fried Chicken

    Which has been sitting around for a while, but is still amazingly crisp.


    Roll Cake

    Kit Kats of various flavours




    Oolong Cha


    Corn Puffs

    I look a lot like that little man when I eat them.

    Meiji Ice Cream

    Chu Hai

    Chocolate Covered Almonds

    The list is endless!

    What are you craving?

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