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    Posted on Oct 7, 2015

    This Is What Other Countries Truly Think About Halloween In The U.S.

    "Candy corn and it tastes like a Care Bear shitting into your mouth."

    Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

    Ever wonder what the rest of the world thinks of the way we celebrate Halloween in the United States? Well, we did. So, we sent 12 photos of Halloween in the United States with questions to BuzzFeed teams around the world and asked them to react.

    Here are the results:

    What are these and what do they taste like?

    Special / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: special

    Cecile (Paris): I forgot their name but they taste like high-fructose corn syrup and bad decisions.

    Caitlin (Sydney): Are these kettle corn? They look like they taste like watermelon or strawberry, maybe a little chewy.

    Shayan (Mumbai): Transylvanian corn. They taste like marshmallows.

    Dani (Berlin): Candy corn. Probably just what they look like: ear plugs.

    Pepe (Mexico): Candy corn. I've never tasted 'em, but the internet says it tastes like frosting and deception.

    Victor (Russia): Fire candies. They taste like fire.

    Kat (Toronto): Candy corn and it tastes like a Care Bear shitting into your mouth.

    Your thoughts on this costume?

    Secret Wishes / Via

    Pepe (Mexico): This is an unhealthy body expectation for all Stormtroopers out there.

    Victor (Russia): Calculator costume?

    Kat (Toronto): It's so sad that it doesn't even come with boots.

    Nirali (Mumbai): Sexy robots are the future.

    Cecile (Paris): Is that supposed to be a "slutty stormtrooper???" Why do American stores sell slutty versions of everything for women, why can't you be just a regular badass stormtrooper (or whatever that is).

    What is going on in this picture?

    woodleywonderworks / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: wwworks

    Victor (Russia): Some weird poker game.

    Pepe (Mexico): Tiny Spock is about to get candies.

    Nirali (Mumbai): This is the fun-sized chocolate mafia. This kid is the kingpin and if he doesn't get his dose of 'protection candy' you may find the head of your favourite toy in your bed.

    Dani (Berlin): Scenes after a sweets shop robbery.

    Cecile (Paris): WHY does this child have so much candy???? This night is going to end badly.

    Caitlin (Sydney): For some insane reason, this kid was allowed to walk the streets asking strange people for candy. Now he's checking his loot. I'm not going to judge your tradition but SERIOUSLY, IT'S SO WEIRD.

    What are this dog's thoughts on Halloween?

    Petful / / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: petsadviser-pix

    Nirali (Mumbai): "I'm not a regular dog, I'm a cool dog."

    Victor (Russia): "This is NOT Halloween. I am being dressed like that every day."

    Kat (Toronto): "Does my owner think that human cheerleaders wear pom-poms on their feet?"

    Dani (Berlin): "Halloween is fun" they said. "There's lots of treats" they said.

    Shayan (Mumbai): "No."

    Why is this woman making this face?

    m01229 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 39908901@N06

    Shayan (Mumbai): For reference.

    Pepe (Mexico): Because she's sexually attracted to pumpkins and her condition is no longer frowned upon in this society.

    Kat (Toronto): Because she finally gets to stab something without getting in trouble.

    Nirali (Mumbai): Sometimes, weapons can bring out your inner maniac.

    Dani (Berlin): It's the first time she gets to use a knife and she's a *little* too excited about it.

    What happened here?

    Nikita Kashner / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kitta

    Nirali (Mumbai): Um someone broke both their legs and kept them in ice because that's what you're supposed to do?

    Cecile (Paris): Someone died from eating too much ice?

    Victor (Russia): Here's how you do laundry in college.

    Shayan (Mumbai): The hip snowman couldn't take the heat.

    Pepe (Mexico): A bro asked a genie "make all my friends love me" and the genie turned him into a bathtub full of cold beers.

    Kat (Toronto): They put the beer in the bathtub instead of outside, so clearly this is not a Canadian Halloween.

    What is this person doing?

    Steve B / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: stevejb68

    Caitlin (Sydney): Bobbing for apples! I've seen this on TV a lot (because Australia pretty much only gets American shows). It looks kind of pointless and also unhygienic, sorry.

    Cecile (Paris): Eating apples while under water?? Or some sort of weird goo that the apples are dumped in? This all seems very unsanitary.

    Shayan (Mumbai): Discovering gravity.

    Nirali (Mumbai): This is the new Apple event where he's finally unveiling a waterproof iPhone.

    What is this guy looking at?

    Mike Mozart / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeepersmedia

    Pepe (Mexico): The best years of his life, already gone.

    Victor (Russia): God apparently.

    Kat (Toronto): His every wrong decision that led up to this point.

    Shayan (Mumbai): The other half of the hat.

    Caitlin (Sydney): His mate who probably insisted on taking this photo.

    Who are these people and who are they supposed to be?

    Taylor Hill / Getty Images

    Pepe (Mexico): A woman and her mother and her grandmother making a pop culture pun with their pants?

    Cecile (Paris): I have no idea but I love those mom jeans and they look like they're having a great time! Are they TV anchors maybe? Cowgirl TV anchors?


    Nirali (Mumbai): They are the "now" version of the Pink Ladies from Grease.

    Dani (Berlin): Kris Jenner's cousins from Texas.

    What is this guy doing?

    Crystal Powell / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: crystal_cakes

    Nirali (Mumbai): Giving head.

    Victor (Russia): He's screaming something to a 3D-printed brain-turtle.

    Kat (Toronto): The real questions is why that brain looks like a pile of poop. Wait, is that what brains look like? Like poop?

    Dani (Berlin): Trying to get into Harvard and doing it wrong?

    What is this girl thinking about?

    Tom Waterhouse / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: an_untrained_eye

    Pepe (Mexico): How she hates creepy dudes taking pictures at her in the subway.

    Cecile (Paris): That her grandma is gonna be eaten by the wolf if the metro doesn't get a move on.

    Caitlin (Sydney): How awful public transport is. Ugh, it's so annoying and cramped, I feel you girl.

    Nirali (Mumbai): Looks like Little Red Riding Hood spotted The Wolf of Wall Street on the subway.

    Dani (Berlin): Fucks sake, not another guy in a suit who tells me he's The Wolf of Wall Street.

    What would you give these kids?

    Pictoscribe / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pictoscribe

    Cecile (Paris): Candies or they will throw stuff at me.

    Dani (Berlin): A bin to throw the apple in.

    Kat (Toronto): A stern lecture about how they're way too old to go trick-or-treating.

    Victor (Russia): A big hug.

    Caitlin (Sydney): Literally nothing because if a bunch of children knocked on my door asking for candy I'd tell them to go away, I don't share candy.

    Yay Halloween!

    Cartoon Network / Via

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