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    21 Adorable Couple Tattoos Inspired By Disney

    So this is love.

    First, there are the endless variations of Mickey and Minnie...

    1. Like this simply silhouetted pair:

    2. And these yin-and-yang-inspired markings:

    3. This simply adorable match:

    4. And these more ornate markings:

    5. This modern spin on the classic duo:

    6. And this old-school homage too:

    Then there are couples' tattoos inspired by contemporary Disney cinema...

    7. Like this Up-inspired ink:

    8. And this beautifully rendered Carl and Ellie match:

    9. This adorable Baymax-appreciating couple:

    10. And this WALL·E and EVE match made in space-heaven:

    While others show their love with older classics...

    11. Like this Beauty and the Beast duo:

    12. And this Herculean ink:

    13. These pretty markings inspired by Peter Pan:

    14. This Lady and her Tramp:

    15. This Lilo and Stitch-lovin' pair:

    16. These Aristocats-appreciating amours:

    17. And these Lion King lovers who have no worries:

    18. This The Nightmare Before Christmas gruesome twosome:

    19. And this darkly unique spin on Cinderella:

    20. This couple's complementary tats actually combine both the old and the new:

    21. And finally, these magically inked words that will give all of us goals: