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    The Side By Side Photos Of "The Haunting Of Hill House" Kids And Adults Will Make You Say, "That's Eerily Good"

    The red room is waiting for look at this post!

    First thing's first... if you haven't already binged the entirety of The Haunting of Hill House, definitely go ahead and remedy that STAT.

    And for the rest of you (or those who are too scared to watch the show and are just interested), let's take a moment to appreciate and look at how impressive the casting of the Crain family is on the show...

    Paxton Singleton and Michiel Huisman as oldest sibling Steven Crain:

    Lulu Wilson and Elizabeth Reaser as family mortician Shirley Crain Harris:

    Mckenna Grace and Kate Siegel as mysterious power-owner Theodora "Theo" Crain:

    Julian Hilliard and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as struggling addict Luke Crain:

    Violet McGraw and Victoria Pedretti as younger twin Eleanor "Nell" Crain Vance:

    And finally, BONUS, Henry Thomas and Timothy Hutton as Hugh Crain — who I know technically was not one of the kids, but he's part of the fam so whateverrrr:

    Pretty cool, huh?