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17 Harsh Realities That Will Make People Over 32 Say "I Need To Sit Down"

Settle into yer rockin' chair. It's gonna get rough.

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1. There are people in their thirties who have been on Twitter since they were teenagers.


Twitter launched 11 years ago, in 2006, so if you were 19 at the time and got on early, you'd be 30 now.

2. And there are also adults who've been on Facebook since they were in middle school.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Since 2006, Facebook has allowed anyone over 13 to create an account.

4. The class of 2000 graduated in a time closer to fidget spinners than E.T. phoning home.

BuzzFeed / Universal Pictures

A difference of 17 years versus 18 years, respectively.

9. And if you are at least 32 years old, then you were born closer to the end of the Vietnam War than the release of the Backstreet Boys' first album.

Peter Keegan / Getty, Jive

The Vietnam war ended in 1975 and the (official) release date of Backstreet Boys was 1996.

10. Stacey Dash (Dionne) is now older than Twink Caplan (Ms. Geist) was in Clueless.

@realstaceyldash /, Paramount Pictures

Dash is currently 50 years old, while Caplan was 48 while making the film.

12. Soleil Moon Frye has TWO children who are older than she was when she first played Punky Brewster.


Her daughter Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg was born in 2005 while her daughter Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg was born in 2008 (making them 12 and 9 this year, respectively). Soleil was 7 years old when she won the role of Punky Brewster.

13. There are people who voted in the last election who weren't even alive when Bill Clinton was impeached.

15. Speaking of Curly Sue, this is what she looks like now:

Warner Bros., Emma McIntyre / Getty

Actor/singer Alisan Porter actually won Season 10 of The Voice in 2016!

17. And finally, Frances Bean Cobain is now older than Kurt Cobain was when Nirvana's first album was released.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty, Sub Pop

Bleach was released in 1989 when Kurt was 22, while Frances Bean is now 24.

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