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11 Reminders That Clowns Were Scary In 2016 And 11 Reminders That Clowns Were Sexy In 2017

Make me float, daddy.

1. Seeing a clown in 2016:

Seeing a clown in 2017:

Pennywise: I have nothing to offer you I just wanna kill and eat you lol Me:

2. If a clown came after you in 2016:

If you dress like a clown and come after me at night I will Avada Kedavra you so fast your head will spin.

If a clown came after you in 2017:

3. The only clowns you wanted to see in 2016:

The only clown you wanted to see in 2017:

This is the man behind the new Pennywise. Hensem siaaa badut ni hahahah

4. Hanging out at home in 2016:

SPOTTED in Indiana University - #clown / #clownsighting / #clownsightings / #clownspottings / #clowns

Hanging out at home in 2017:

is it worth IT? lemme work IT i put my thang down flip IT and reverse IT

5. When you saw a red balloon in 2016:

saw this balloon in the breakroom i happen the IT clown isnt near by(or any clown now that i think about it😨)…

When you saw a red balloon in 2017:

6. Halloween-time in 2016:

me when i remember halloween is coming up & then remember the clowns in the woods

Halloween-time in 2017:

"we all stan down here. you'll stan too!"

7. Talking about clowns in 2016:

when people are talking about clowns to me.

Talking about clowns in 2017:

8. Weekend plans in 2016:

Weekend plans in 2017:

pennywise (from the gutter) heya, would you like a- me: [i'm already in the sewer]

9. Finding love in 2016:

when she invites you over to chill but there's clowns on campus

Finding love in 2017:

Pennywise and his boyfriend, The Babadook are off on a date to get crepes and terrorize some kids.

10. Wishful thinking in 2016:

Wow I just heard there are clowns near the Atlanta area, I hope they don't go to my ex's house at 140 Holly Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30314.

Wishful thinking in 2017:

11. And finally, Stephen King in 2016:

I have a button that says CAN'T SLEEP, CLOWNS WILL EAT ME. Probably not true. But what if it was? What if they're just waiting?

Stephen King in 2017:

stephen king when he found out millennials wanna fuck a killer clown he created initially for people to fear:

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