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21 Of The Most Endearingly Dorky Old Facebook Posts From Justin Trudeau

Trudeau's old dad jokes and pics are getting major love now.

1. Back when he was just a lowly Member of Parliament, Justin Trudeau would come up with cheesy songs about him going to Ottawa.

2. He'd mark 420 day by congratulating the protestors for "making themselves heard (and smelled)." This 2010 status now has over 8,000 likes.

3. And he'd post that he was "Chillin in Mississauga-Erindale" with a fellow Liberal.😭😭

A recent commenter noted that our prime minister makes for quite the "Gentleman-Bro."

4. FYI he was also "chillin in the Peg" back in 2009.

5. On Halloween that year, he posted about having "Rockets in my pockets."

Fast forward to 2015: "I love bae."

Facebook: JustinPJTrudeau

(Rockets are a type of Halloween candy for all you unlucky non-Canadians)

6. But of all his old posts, it's the pics of him during Movember that are attracting the most new likes and comments. Here he is before heading to a 2011 benefit gala.

2015 comment: "My nudes were so fire they burned his right eye."

7. Trudeau's 2010 Movember gala outfit.

Five years later...

8. 2010 Trudeau moustache, featuring blue steel.

2015 interpretation: "Jon Snow or Justin Trudeau?"

9. Trudeau with a fake moustache, also in 2010.


10. Even an old and basic update like this...

Results in a bunch of comments now, including one guy who left his phone number.

11. Six years ago, he chided the Conservatives for having deficits.

So now people are reminding him that in 2015 he campaigned on a promise to run deficits.

12. This dorky 2009 status about him getting vaccinated now has over 7,500 likes and hundreds of comments, many of which are from November 2015.

Trudeau couldn't have predicted how well his corny jokes would go over almost exactly six years later.

13. He wasn't a fan of the fixed election date law back in the day.

Six years later, this is how that's interpreted.

14. There are many old gems, like the time he wished Chuck Norris a happy birthday.

15. And when he'd "post" about things that "happened" in Ottawa.

Facebook: JustinPJTrudeau

16. Or say he was "stoked" to read a volume of his dad's biography.

17. 2011 Trudeau wasn't so good at keeping track of the days of the month...

18. 2010 Trudeau got all excited about getting the then-prime minister to repeat an attack line in the House of Commons.

19. While 2009 Trudeau liked to make Canadian geography jokes.

20. In those early days, he celebrated Twitter follower milestones... on Facebook.

21. And then there's this.

H/T Luke Bradley.

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