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The 10 Sleaziest Ads Of 2012

Sex sells? Please discuss.

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1. MegaFon

Translation: "A high-quality network is vital on your business trips..."

MegaFon is Russia's second largest mobile phone operator.

This was one ad image from a multi-ad campaign.

See the rest of them here.

2. Quay toothpaste

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One of the most badly forced uses of sex in an ad I've ever seen.

3. "Workaholics"

Erect(ed) in Hollywood.

If you're unaware, Workaholics is a Comedy Central show about "three recent college grads desperately trying to adjust to adulthood."

That's supposed to be three stiffies.

8. Durex

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I mean, you expect condom ads to be somewhat dirty.

But, maybe not quite this dirty.

Thank France for that.

Second spot from the campaign here.

9. Toyota

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The hot ass belongs to 19-year-old Ukrainian-born model Stav Strashko.

The spot ran only in Japan.

10. Scion iQ

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The sleaziest car ad I've ever seen, which is saying something.