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  • In NASA have created material for the production of space robots

    Before the creation of a full robot of molten metal, of course, still far away, but, according to the journal Science Alert, the US space agency NASA has developed a really special kind of metallic glass, the properties of strongly resembling molten version of Terminator T-1000. Most interesting is that this material is in the creation of robots will be applied. So far, only to work in the harsh conditions of outer space. Create content refers to a special class of bulk glass - Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG). The new material, despite the appearance, quite a lot of weight, but it has excellent electrical conductivity and enormous strength and is able to continue to operate at extremely low and high temperatures.

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  • Find Best Dentists In New York, NY | Book Dentist Appointment Online In NYC- Uberdok

    Dentists in New York, NY - Book best dentists appointment in New York, NY, get a list of dentists nearby your location @

  • 15 Awesome Products For Gilmore Girls Superfans

    Because the withdrawal is already so real.

  • Great Dividing Range

    Great Dividing Range (English Great Dividing Range.) - Mountain system, stretching along the east and south-east coast of Australia about 4000 km. Formed in the Neogene-Anthropogenic on the spot denuded Paleozoic folded countries. The mountains are composed mainly of limestone, granite, gneiss, volcanic rocks. Known reserves of oil and gas, coal and lignite, tin, polymetallic ores, gold, copper, titanium-magnetite and monazite sand. The eastern slopes are steep, strongly and deeply dissected, the western slopes of the hollow are moving in undulating foothills (Downs). North of 28 ° S. w. Mount relatively low, reaching a width of 650 km. Coast Ranges height of about 1000 meters and volcanic plateaus separated by wide longitudinal hollows from the west, the lower watershed chain with flat tops. To the south are located higher and monolithic mountains.

  • Zomlings Vs Peppa Pig | Blind Bag Giant Surprise! Banchi Brothers Toy Review

    Big Banchi hits the Toy Store to pick out some new Zomlings blind bags. Then the Zomlings decide to take over Peppa Pig's house. Find out who wins! Tag along with the BANCHI BROTHERS for another fascinating adventure! Wholesome fun family entertainment that is sure to excite and inspire your little one!

  • 8 Reasons To Trek In Nepal

    Trekking in Nepal is one of the most unique and entertaining activity, as every climb is filled with beautiful landscape and places only reachable through foot. The best season for trekking is the warm and dry season from March to June and September to November. During this time the skies are clear and the environment is filled with beautiful ambiance. Once you get there, you are not only wandering through the wilderness but you will also be learning every culture and tradition as you walk with dozens of fellow trekkers. If you want to know more about trekking in Nepal, click here.

  • Which Pioneer Are You 2.0

    creepy money dispenser. take it.

  • Finish The Lyrics!: Panic! At The Disco Edition

    so I`m starting a series of quizzes called "Finish The Lyrics!" comment what band you want me to do next?

  • Which Cuisine From Around The World Is Best?

    Unfortunately, all of them isn't an answer.

  • Which Member Of 219 Are You?

    Take this quiz and discover which sextuplet member of Hanselman 219 you are!

  • Which European Monarchy/Imperial Countryball Are You?

    Countryball is the comical design of differing countries through both history and present day. Today, we will be focusing on the Empires of Europe, before the Great War ruined them. Which would fit you more? (Note: Scandinavia was not included because I got tired)

  • Are You As Lame As Maren And Hailey?

    Are you as lame as Maren and Hailey????

  • Super Cute ROOM TOUR 2016!!11!!

    A quick tour of my SUPER CUTE college dorm room!! I hope you all like it hahaha! XD

  • Which Class Are You? Thief, Mage, Or Warrior

    So I have this human character story based off of D&D.

  • Revealing Trump's Secrets: 7 Tricks That Will Make Your Content As Compelling As Trump's Speeches

    The phenomenon of Donald Trump is making the halt all over the world. And while everybody is getting to know what his future policy will be, we can look at his success in public speaking.

  • Hyperlapse/Timelapse

    Here is a cool flow motion/hyper-lapse video for the city of Napa check it out!

  • How To Build A Shelter In The Trees, Part 1

    Here is a short video of the beginning of an elevated shelter.

  • Countries Canceling Olympic Bids: How This Will Effect The Future Of The Olympics

    Citizens and government officials in many potential host countries have started to question the wisdom of spending millions of dollars

  • 10 Super Healthy Christmas Cookies

    Do you Love Christmas Cookies? Want to try cookies that are gluten free, vegan, or otherwise healthy choices? Be sure to check out these cookies that fit this bill!

  • gingerbread houses paper gift bag

    I wanted to share this cute wrapping idea. I just adore cute little gingerbread houses. So I thought this gingerbread houses made of paper bags would be a perfect gift bag this holiday season. Especially if you used them for holding cookies. I enjoyed making them, it was such a fun and easy project. They're made of recycled materials so that is a big plus for our project. :) If you decide making them you will need is some paper bags, a hole punch, ribbon and white marker.

  • 5 Reasons Why Your Dogs Are Better Off Keeping Their Tails And Ears

    Today, much research has gone into the effect that ear cropping and tail docking have on dogs. In the article, Tail Docking and Ear Cropping Dogs: Public Awareness and Perceptions it provides awareness as well as a three-part experiment in which most results prove negative consequences. It provides several reasons why dogs should keep their natural state. The surgery itself dates back to olden times when people believed that by modifying the ears and tail, dogs would have a lower risk of being harmed in battle. However, dogs are no longer used in battle so the procedure to date is completely cosmetic.

  • Life Hacks For Android Phones

    phones life hacks life hacks for android phones life hacks for cell phones phone life hacks cell phone life hacks mobile phone life hacks android phone life hacks USEFUL HACKS FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE Smartphones are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. It's essential you get to know the tips and tricks you can use with it to make it a little more user friendly. Although most of these smartphone hacks aren't software related, they are handy to know when using your phone on a daily basis. These are particularly great when you're on a long journey and you want to just sit back and watch a movie. windows phone life hacks phone charger life hacks phone battery life hacks 10 phone life hacks phone camera life hacks cool phone life hacks

  • How to cook sausages in batter. Recipe Octopussy. Delicious.

    How to cook sausages in batter. Recipe Octopussy. Delicious.

  • Gold Of Khabarovskiy Kray

    Khabarovskiy Kray reserves and forecast resources is in ninth place among the Russian regions. On the territory of the region the state balance accounted for 24 deposits of vein gold, eight of which are developed and 352 alluvial deposits. Most of the reserves are concentrated in primary deposits (71.2% category B + C1 and the C2 category 95.7%). They provided much of the production in 2006 - 64%, or 10.58 tons; the remaining 5.86 tons mined from alluvial deposits. Of primary deposits are developed: the largest and MNV Khakanja with balance reserves of 110.7 tons of gold and six smaller ones. Prepared for the development of four fields: small reserves, but high-grade gold (up to 20 g / t) Yurievskoe and vagrants, Levoberezhnoe and Tas-Yuryakh.

  • 12 Deliciously Vegan Bowls That Even Meat Lovers Will Adore

    Dig in to these hearty and filling bowls!

  • 7 Best Social Media For Online Marketing

    If you are a blogger, a small business owner or someone who runs an online store, your goal should be to reach as many viewers / consumers as possible. In this century, where even your simple Internet answer question, how can you think that you can survive your business without your presence on the Internet?When two people claim to know, it probably means they are friends on some social media. Did you see that? There is nothing, but the extent to which social media is infiltrated into our everyday lives.So, if you are a blogger or an entrepreneur with a product to promote, what can be the platform other than social media? While there are number of social media platforms to serve you the purpose, we've matched some of the best that will help you most. Go through the following list:

  • What Does Your Smoothie Say About You?

    Proudly sponsored by Jamba Juice: Blended by you, for you.

  • Which Possy Member Are You Most Like?!?!?

    Take the quiz to find out which Possy member's personality you resemble the most.