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    What Do You Want To Know About Asking Your GP For Contraception?

    Tell us your questions and we'll do our best to get you some answers.

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  • Just Go To Parks, People!

    With that many benefits you just have to go

  • Você consegue adivinhar o filme pela descrição da Netflix?

    Um homem ajuda uma mulher que muda a sua vida de cabeça para baixo...

  • National Parks Must Have Really Good Roads For This Kind Of Load Of Visitors

    Even if most of those people are just driving through that's still a pretty big number.

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  • Who Would Win In A Fight?

    ... the cartoon edition

  • 11 Times Paris Hilton's Debut Album Was A Pop Triumph!

    11 years ago today on August 22nd 2006, heiress Paris Hilton dropped her debut album 'Paris'. The album spawned 3 top 40 singles and sold over 500,000 copies. Lets take a look at 11 times this pop masterpiece KILLED IT and Paris was the new Princess of Pop!

  • Dla Miłośniczki Czarnego Napoju

    czyli kawoszki nieuleczalnej

  • Prezent Dla Kucharki

    kiedy pasją naszej koleżanki jest gotowanie

  • Are You Beach Goth?

    If you've talked to Maddy Kraemer at all this summer you've likely heard her mention the phrase "Beach Goth". You've likely been confused. Then you got invited to the party and became ever MORE confused. Wtf, Maddy! This quiz was designed to help you see the light. Clarity is near dudes.

  • Reasons For Buying Used Plastic Injection Molding Machines For Making Plastic Parts

    Are you thinking of getting into the business of producing plastic parts? Well, if you are, you will need to buy an injection molding machine. Since new injection molders are quite expensive, you may want to consider buying used plastic injection molding machines.

  • Introducing One Of Rising Indian Titan Billionaire, Anmol Seth

    Anmol Seth, one of rising Indian titan billionaire, who has numerous business interests spanning across the globe. Anmol’s father, Shashi Kant Seth along with mother Sangeeta Seth are truly old money. They have kept their profiles discreet although the sheer mention of their name draws credibility and want of an association to this family name. Anmol has adorn the helms off over 100 companies to become a true business mogul expanding their interests worldwide. Anmolhas been seen flying in private jets very discreetly only landing at privately operated airports. He has his own fleet of exotics and stables whilst owning number of homes all around the world. Earlier in the year, Anmol was reportedly aboard the world’s largest mega yacht. If that is not true oligarchy then we don’t know what is. Billionaires’ put all their might to out-do one another by building a bigger yachtfor ultimate display of their status. This hunk has <30 years has already been to the top of that. Anmol whilst being a young ultra high net worth (UNHWI) has been seen “shadow yachting” just to smash a few more titles. In his words if you have to ask what that means you probably can’t afford it. Shadow Yachting is a concept conceptualised when the billionaires want to become the ultimate global ballers. They not only take their personal mega yachts but have an extra yacht shadowing behind just so that they have enough toys as one mega-yacht is just too small to stow them all !! To make matter more daunting we tried reaching out for an interview with this billionaire. But almost immediately his legal team made sure that we were made to feel that our presence was not welcomed. But then again we won’t doubt how many wanna-be’s must try to gain his attention. Given the whole family’s discerning attitude, it is no shock that even FORBES wasn’t able to gain access to do a spread on this tycoon’s global business affluence. Anmol whilst known for being soft spoken with smooth conjecture he can make you smitten. He is the most eligible billionaire bar none, girls beware and father’s hide your daughters! Anmol speaks many languages fluently. Just so that the titan can himself conduct his deals all around the world. Though aristocratic, he is a heavy hitter in the business world, apart from FORBES he has been named for TOP 30 CEO UNDER 30 years of age all around the globe, youngest owner of Rolls Royce, youngest owner of Aston Martin as well as being bestowed the honorary title of “Lord”, whilst another publishing house has named him as being the most promising upcoming Tycoon to keep your eyes on. Anmol harboured the dream of flourishing his highly reputed baron, Father, Shashi Kant Seth's business interests. He achieved that by owning multiple businesses. Their Group of companies collective have developedentire streets of bungalows, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, casinos, luxury branded malls, multiple towers, landmarks, town planning right thru building their own god damn city! In the banking world Anmol is sought after for concluding multi-billion dollar complex deals. He conducts negotiations across continents to ensure his own and his partners’ interests are thoroughly protected alongside generating income 24 hours a day. Anmol was recently spotted with global power politicians touting thousands of dollars in gifts being bestowed on him just for turning up. Whilst the plan of their own city is still closely guarded but there are contracts, we have sourced, showing Anmol’s group of companies are building an entire smart city to clash with titans like Apple, Google & Samsung. Just to give you a reality check, Apple in last quarter reported hoarding >$200billion in cash alone. Being a heavy hitter bring it brings a shroud of power which is why we didn’t push our luck for an interview, to be honest. We were internally advised sternly to desist, given that whilst Anmol being eloquent is not to be trifled with. Once this billionaire baller sets his sight on someone who dares crosses his path, he ensures you will not only know your wrong-doing but probably won’t have a second chance to remedy it. His personal cartel doesn’t rest until they have totally capitulated you totally wiping your entire presence, credit and reputation off in the market. All that rain of fire without him even needing to utter a single word. On that note, not to cross this billionaires path we won’t even try monetising the family’s net-worth. Although we will leave you to consider when you are on the world’s largest mega yacht and daring to enslave global powered politicians whilst building your own god dawn city. That too being in competition with giants like Apple, Google and Samsung, I believe it is only a fool’s errand to try even imagine the net-worth. A stark reminder that his age is still under 30 years of age. With most of his business life still ahead of him, he is already adorning such heavy titles of true global titan. Anmol is a visionary who not only lives & breathes business but is a classic rain-maker. This smart city and site shows that they are well underway of developing a multi-billion dollar city. The plans filed include apartments, residential towers, hotels, casino, malls, business parks, their own theme park, as well as public transport i.e. their own super rail. To add to it there is also a shipping yard for his crew of oligarchs to moor their vessels and conduct their deals without even stepping a-foot on soil. Other amenities under construction include hospitals, schools, international university, fire stations, police stations, churches, city councils, district courts and who can forget probably Anmol’s own personal bank to collect all that revenue. Four of the countries top developers are underway to turn the vision in a reality. We know this is not the first time when Anmol Group of companies are doing this. They have had similar exposures in Singapore, Macau, India, Australia, Europe and throughout US continent, just to name a few.One for all and all for one, is there anything this titan/lord/mogul/hunk/bachelor/oligarch can not really do????

  • Best Funny Sports Compilation - Funny Amazing Video 2017

    Best Funny Sports Compilation - Funny Amazing Video 2017 . Try not to laugh or grin while watching this video! Thanks for watching! Please like, share and subscribe to The Top Vines channel!!!

  • Funny Rabbit 2017 - Awesome Bunnies Videos Compilation

    Best Funny Rabbit 2017 - Awesome Bunnies Videos Compilation. Cute Bunny Doing Funny Things 2017. Try not to laugh or grin when watching this! Please subscribe and share if you like!!! Thanks for watching......:) :) :)

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Matcha

    Matcha is a type of green tea which has numerous health benefits and is recommended to use in order to lose weight, meditation, stay healthy etc. Studies have revealed that matcha tea is made from the same plant as green tea but the procedure of harvesting is different which makes it more beneficial as compared to green tea. The 7 interesting and important fact s about matcha are listed below:

  • Which Colour Are You Most Like?

    Find out which colour fits your personality....

  • Plan A Star-Studded Wedding And We'll Reveal When You'll Have Your First Kid

    Choose your venue, food, dress, colors, bridal party, groom, ring, music, and vows to reveal when your first baby will come along!

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  • Which Teacher Are You

    Take this fun little quiz to find out which teacher you're a bit like

  • Mokik And Garden Wheelbarrow/Мокик И Садовая Тачка

    На субботнике привезли садовую тачку на мокике, т.к. далеко идти за ней пешком.