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  • What Is Your True Ideal Morning Ex?

    Find out what Morning Ex you actually love the most.

  • Conheça a Chapa 2!

    Na próxima semana, nos dias 27, 28 e 29 de novembro, toda a comunidade escolar do IFRJ Nilópolis poderá escolher quem dirigirá a instituição pelos próximos quatro anos. Conheça quem está formando a Chapa 2 e vote para que o trabalho até aqui possa continuar em defesa de uma educação pública, gratuita e de qualidade. #VoteChapa2

  • A Quiz For Tomorrow

    It's very simple, really.

  • Why You Need A Forex Trading System To Succeed

    It can scare to pick a forex trading stage when you initially begin trading - here are a few highlights that any great forex trading stage ought to have:

  • 7 Easy Steps To Become An Amazing Travel Vlogger!

    Think you could become a kick-ass travel vlogger? Think you could come up with original vlogs that blow people away? Read these tips and then put them into practice with this once in a lifetime travel

  • Find Love Easily With Interracial Dating Sites

    With dating online continuing to get popular among singles, many are still wondering what sites are best to join.

  • Sugar Daddy Dating Sites- Putting The Date Back In Dating

    How would you know they truly are the best, what criteria to use for rating them and finally which ones to work with?

  • Who Are The Real Hyperrealist On Instagram?

    Will the real hyperrealists please step forward? There are over 200 thousand tagged images with #hyperrealism posted on Instagram. Most of the images posted with the tag are not hyperrealism or even photorealism at all. Instead of having to search through 200 thousand images, here is a listing of 50 REAL Hyperrealists in no particular order.


    Check this quiz and prove if you really are a football fan.

  • Five Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When My Mother Walked Out Of My Life

    In life, especially when you are young, many minor inconveniences feel as if they will end your world. I’ll never forget the day in fourth grade when a seemingly innocent “friend” turned against me entirely and said gross things about me. That was one of the many, many, countless times my fragile prepubescent life was over as I knew it. I got over it, though. At least I learned how to cope and function as normally as I could, being ten years old and all. A moment that will always, always stick with me will be the day my mother told us all that she decided to live with her current boyfriend, following a prison and rehabilitation sentence. Which turned out to be entirely useless, but that’s a different story for a different time. Nothing could possibly compare to the way my heart sank when I learned she wasn’t coming home with us. I still can’t decide if the feeling was heartbreak, hopelessness, or just sheer shock. I still don't completely know how to feel about it, even today, eight years later. As a twelve-year old, this was the real end. If my mother didn’t want me, what use was I to the world? What was my point in living? I’d like to preface this list with saying that I had a very supportive, sympathetic family that tried their best to help, but without experiencing it, without actually being me or my brother, how much could they have known? Through the years following my mother’s departure, I learned a lot of tough lessons about the true impact on abandonment, and what it means to forgive, and maybe forget.


    Following Charles Manson's death we look at classic's & hidden cinematic gems dealing with the killer psychosis.

  • TOP 5 NYE EVENTS 2017

    As the end of 2017 is rapidly approaching we thought we would share our TOP 5 New Years Events - so you can welcome the new year in the biggest and best way

  • Surviving Weekends With The Family 101

    Whether it's summer vacation or just the weekend, being home with the family can be rough! Benjamin Franklin famously said that "guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days. " I do not want to stink. I want it to go smoothly. So here are three big tips!

  • Are You More Shawn Mendes Or Justin Bieber?

    Answer a few questions and we'll reveal which of the two Canadians you are most like!

  • 10 Types Of Boots To Reboot Your Footwear Game

    From hot and sexy pointy toe to statement-worthy fringes, the bootie world is being taken by storm by everything voguish and you need to suss out how to stay fashionable as it is NOT cool to wear the basic black ankle boot every time.

  • 4 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Is Sneakily The Best Long Weekend To Have Off If You're British.

    Screw your bank holidays, Thanksgiving is the best long weekend to take all year long.

  • Things You Could Do With £200

    One of the prizes available for taking part in The Big Ask is £200 cash. In case you're stuck for ideas of what you could do with it, we've been dreaming away about what we'd do with it...

  • Solar Lights - The Wave Of The Future

    Solar Lights - the Wave of the Future

  • A New Generation Of Corrupt Officials In Ukraine

    Personnel shortages raise strange candidates to the top positions of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies. Young, educated and... corrupted to their very cores. The recently completed competition for the positions of heads of the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine has shown that people with absolutely odious reputations have no shame in putting themselves forward for such high and sensitive posts.

  • Think Cryptos Are Risky? Aggregated Coin Lets You Diversify

    The media fascination over cryptos as an alternative investment could encourage more small investors to take a hard look at digital tokens

  • Up And Coming YouTuber Ash Bear Is Becoming The New Face Of Mental Illness

    If you want to discover a girl who's educated, cute, and funny as hell, you need to meet your next favorite person, Ash Bear! Ash is 20 years old, a Vermont native and she's woke af.

  • Commercial Refrigerator's Are A Must Now

    In about every business, the utilization of refrigerators has become inevitable. The cooler condition controls the nature of the nourishment, its freshness, and its timeframe of realistic usability. These things directly affect the accomplishment of the business. Likewise, wellbeing codes command the refrigeration of eatables that won't be devoured or sold immediately. Without refrigeration, the sustenance would ruin quicker on the grounds that let temperatures back. The units are protected to hold temperatures down and they work by exchanging the warmth inside the cooler to the outside. This keeps the temperature inside low. Not at all like private fridges, most industrially outlined ones don't have a joined walk in cooler since organizations require the extensive refrigeration space and additionally isolate cooler space. The huge size of the units makes it unreasonable to consolidate them.

  • Can Social Media Help with your Online Reputation?

    Do you struggle with people following you on social media? Perhaps you are having issues with keeping customers and attracting new customers? If this is the case, you may be dealing with an issue with your online reputation.

  • Can You Pass This Ballet Quiz?

    Let's go across the floor...

  • 4 Common Myths Everyone Has About Bloggers

    Blogging might have been around for decades now, but there is still quite less known about bloggers to the world.